The Gershwin Quintet is a complete female band*. They celebrate at the Venice Palace, with “Gershwin moods, the two faces of the American genius”, 120 years from the birth of the most famous composer of the previous century. The fourth concert in the “Voglia d’Italia” exhibition – fifth in Italy for numbers of visitors – closes the musical review planned by Ernesto Assante with always more and more audience and appreciation.


The young and experienced musicians, always in tune with each other, renew the fluid atmosphere of the beginning of the previous century through the notes of the composer who shew in the “new music” of that time. Gershwin put together the European classical music with sonority from the Afro-American culture, jazz, and blues, often based on improvisation.


The program goes through the musical evolution of the innovative American author with musical transcription for the quintet, piano and 4 saxes. He was born as a self-educated musician and active experimenter and naturally launched himself towards a new mix of musical genre. With his masterpieces was used the word “musical” for the first time, right at Broadway, and the American music entered into history. The Gershwin Quintet gave evidence.


Many of the pieces are so famous that they are part of everyone personal music memories, even unconsciously, through some movies like “Manhattan” by Woody Allen, “Fantasy 2000” by Walt Disney and more recently “The big Gatsby” with Leonardo Di Caprio, besides adv gingles. So, Gershwin’s music is definitely still one of our soundtracks so far.

Event promoted by MiBACT Polo Museale del Lazio – Palazzo Venezia


Letizia Ragazzini, sax soprano e flute traverso
Mariella Donnaloia, sax contralto
Isabella Fabbri, sax tenor
Alessia Berra, sax baritone
Maria Giulia Cester, pianoforte


George GERSHWIN (1898 – 1937)
Rialto Ripples Rag, Cuban Ouverture, Three Preludes, I Allegro ben ritmato e deciso, II Andante con moto e poco rubato, III Allegro ben ritmato e deciso, Blues from An American in Paris, Liza, Summertime, The Man I Love, Oh, Lady Be Good!, S’Wonderful, Rhapsody in Blue

The concert was followed by JAZZIT LIVESTREAMING

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