Gian Luca Gentili a versatile artist

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Le Dame Art Gallery in London in collaboration with the Showroom De Masi, present in Via Gargano, 7 in Rome the personal exhibition of artist Gian Luca Gentili entitled Steamwork Animal Farm.

The works of Gian Luca is an explosion of life! Positive full of Gian-Luca-Gentilicolor, who enters his personal exhibition in Rome … enters his world, you will know!

His art is vibrant, alive, unique, sincere, friendly, symbolic, sweet, instinctive, persuasive, engaging, unconventional, expressive, lively, intelligent, passionate … like him !!

We met him for you …

Gian Luca Gentili how did all this fervor pictorial? – What is your relationship with your art?
My relationship with art is’ always been drawing since dad gave me pencils 3 years …. And then I had to focus on my work, so I designed especially for my clients being an architect. 9 years I started to work for me, then the lessons of surfing have been a key reason to stop positions and find all the necessary stimuli to begin this adventure ./ho a loving relationship …. I love I paint it is good for the heart

What is Steamwork for you? Is a Project Party two years ago. I’m very attracted to old things forgotten … From old watches from the mechanisms of the old industries, from the cylinders by tube bomblets from frack …. then researching all these things I found myself in the enchanted world of steampunk …. It should be there is’ party Steamworks.

How important is the human element? -human element is’ very important in my life. It is’ the foundation of everything where there is a strong human element, there is nothing. . what animal? what even more animal instinct dominates my life in any form.

Works, also very strong at times, that speak of interiority? – your? Yes, its mine

How is your routine /? -fa fear? / and boredom? I do not have a routine .vivo doing various things, never boring love painting teach love design architecture sea waves food …. Boredom not know.

Your meeting with the Ladies Art Gallery splendid artistic collaboration! Tell us what are your next projects? a chance encounter, an encounter strong and full of energy, full of plans.

One last question that I always do to the artists, to understand more about them … Gian Luca Gentili Artist you ask a question and answer … – What do you want to leave as a sign?

The question I ask myself, why I paint? Why it is’ a great privilege. The sign that I would leave is ‘the joy I feel when I paint is’ the love I have for life .I know closely the difficulty observing the world and people why go against not want to paint the pain … . I see too .I want to paint a dream world where the animals are strange figures transcendental timeless.

Gian Luca Gentili has always painted influence from a family of artists, and internalized took him a pop art expressionist ready to American shores, English … when paints with instinct realizes women as a true lover of who really knows and pulls out our inner and our feelings! It is a real force !!!!

Thanks to art that makes us always excite !!!


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