Interview with Giangaetano Patané within his shows in Rome.

Giangaetano_Patane_2Enter the poetic world of  Giangaetano Patané
Entering the exhibition Giangaetano is like entering a world of poetry dreamy , where the artist makes us admire his works , made ​​of great soul searching . He feels the experience of our most intimate life, full of sensitivity , even personal. In this exhibition , of pure reality and symbolism , you can see figures of men , women , young girls … a wonderful world , full of grace , gentleness , admiration , carefree in his most intimate …

Let’s talk about Giangaetano Patané and its splendid exhibition … .

-How Did your desire to express yourself in art?

I am expressive directions that I think many teenagers live , then either neglect or feed . I intend to see food exhibitions , reading about art , and above all to draw a lot.

-Have You developed in your artistic style symbolic very personal, a stopgap of inner thinking and careful research to continue in your experience? -What inspires you? a component almost always present in my work is the principle of duality that is two elements that coexist on the same canvas

-Your Works show us spontaneously using different techniques, in which you find yourself in a particular way? this time my hands are stained with melted wax

-You See that you like to experience, read more like your studio? -talking about the Idea, that lies behind the act in realizing the work? the only way forward is to work always , for an artist ‘s work becomes all perhaps the only thing possible

-What Do you want to tell to your pubblic? I do not offer answers but I try to offer beauty

-What Is the feeling that most would like to leave in? The Physical space, in your opinion, can in some way influence the work on display? No, all the works are born in the studio and then end up in a garden , in a house , in a gallery or museum does not affect the intrinsic meaning of the picture

-your future projects in Italy and abroad? It’s considering exhibition projects , but it is still premature to talk about

-To end, I always ask when I meet the artists…Giangaetano creates a question that no one ever asked you (and that time you wanted to hear you ask) and reply..
You have kept the promise you made in 1989 ? …not yet

We are curious about this promise , but while we admire the work of Giangaetano Patanè on display in Rome at CrArte Elena Dragon – Palazzo Taverna , via Monte Giordano 36 – until November 21, 2015.

Giangaetano Patané , artist always, lives and works in Rome . He has exhibited in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad . His works, including drawings, paintings , sculptures are part of prestigious public and private collections. For more info:

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