Feelings are the protagonists of the exhibition set between two historical locations Venice Palace and Sant’Angel Castle. “LABYRINTHS OF THE HEART. GIORGIONE AND THE SEASONS OF SENTIMENT FROM VENICE TO ROME” (2017, 24 June-  17 September) consists of 45 paintings27 sculptures36 illustrated volumes and manuscripts, as well as numerous other objects, prints and drawings build up the human labyrinth set in Rome and Venice of the ‘500.

The first section of the exhibition is dedicated to the Giorgione’s Two friends.  The painting of the double portrait is considered by the curator Enrico Maria Dal Pozzolo “the Venice Palace’ Gioconda”, were it is among the permanent exhibition of the National Museum. Even if not very known and with some donuts about its origin it changed the art of portrait and “it offers ideas of research” said Edith Gabrielli, the Polo Museale del Lazio’s Director.

Among Barbo’s chambers you live the Venice’s Smith and the Ethernal City reminiscence. Paintings, books, sculptures convey that time atmosphere in Rome and Venice.

The exhibition continues at Castel Sant’Angelo, in the papal chambers, where the second section is set up and you really feel involved. Not only because of the artworks produced by great Renaissance masters including TitianTintorettoRomaninoMorettoLudovico CarracciBronzinoBarocci and Bernardino Licinio, on loan from prominent museums around the world., but also for the them they deal with. These works lead the visitor into one of those existential labyrinths that every human being must grapple with,  according to that time sensitivity. They go from the representation of the words  to that of music, metaphors, up to an anticipation of erotism and a tradition family view.

“The portrait dimension becomes private in a specific emotional experience. The labyrinth of the hearth stands for a very human history”

Enrico Maria Dal Pozzolo

The great preparation by the architect Michele De Lucchi give light to the masterpieces, that build up that time cultural contest and give value to the chambers. Venetian silks are the paintings’  base and very well  lit caskets make books fly.

“Feelings  make men’s evolution”

Michele De Lucchi

This exhibition is the result of relevant contributions: historical, artistically, musical, technological. It also includes a video installation, Dreams’ Garden. The audience is set in a garden of the ‘500, starting from some Giorgione’s paintings up to an onirical dimension. 

An audio guide provided free-of-charge with the entrance ticket is available to all visitors to Palazzo Venezia, while at Castel Sant’Angelo the exhibition contents are accessible through a new, free, downloadable app



*Musical recording: a new drowned score has been recorded for the first time in Basilea. It is available in the audio guide.

*Venice Palace: has been the Repubblic of Venice Embassy in Rome. It gave its name to the square. 

*San Marco’ Church: nearby Venice Palace

*Castel Sant’Angelo: do not miss some of the most wonderful Rome’s view.



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