Any Given Post-it

Any-Given_Post-It_RomaAny Given Post-it is a collective art show , an exercise about identity that was created and developed exclusively by and through the Post-it.
In this project have been involved 66 artists:painters, street artists,  cartoonists , photographers , illustrators , sculptors and a performer , both Italian and foreign (here some artists: Bafefit , Alessandro Calizza , Last22 , Sabrina H Dan , blue and Joy , Francesca Mariani , Roberta Banino , Omino71 , Mr. Klevra , Gerlanda Di Francia , Valentina Colella , Alessio Paiano ).

Sabrina-DanAll of them are compared to each others starting from the only common element in their works, the famous yellow slip of paper, respecting two basic requirements that characterizing the result of all of this amazing collective: the size limit (each work is great maximum 35×35 cm ) and the use of one or more Post-it (overall, have been used more than two thousand).

Therefore those who usually use acrylics and colors, materials modeling, images, cameras and video, had to manage the lightness, the perishable nature and small size of an item that usaully is not able to serve the art and imagination of an artist .

Daily used, the Post -It aims to fix our notes , thoughts , the origins of a concept that can be developed ; it helps to quickly fix an idea and has a temporary nature , not durable , characterized by a layer of adhesive that does not resist and leaves no trace .

Thanks to these artists , the famous and useful yellow piece of paper changes its essence and fleeting and, as a temporary use subject , becomes a protagonist, not the base but the body itself of an artwork .

The Post-It was therefore shaped and adapted to the personal style of each artist and has allowed each of them to express their own signature style: by this particular exchange were born 66 artworks, each one different, each particular and unique , but with the same yellow and square-shaped base.

Saturday, January 31st 2015 at 18:30 at the White Noise Gallery in San Lorenzo Any Give Post-it will be inaugurated; the collective art show will continue until February, 28th .

White Noise GalleryAny Given Post-It
Collective art show
January, 31st –  February, 28th  

White Noise Gallery
Via dei Marsi, 20/22 – 00185 Roma
Tel. 06 4466919



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