più o meno cechov (17)

Al Teatro Abarico Rome, San Lorenzo area, was on the scene for three days the show “More or less, Chekhov” which organized the European Theatre Institute, the brainchild of Antonella Bruno, under the artistic supervision of Umberto whites and four women on stage: Arianna Arista, Deborah Perrotta, Valentina Tramontana and Maria Carmela Zaccagnino.

The story serves as a pretext to irrepressible game verses and masks cleverly improvised by the characters, tells a particularly any day of the president of a small bank, who are about to celebrate the anniversary of its foundation, ends, or rather starts involuntarily Taming a conversation with several voices and delusional: he, his wife, his clerk misogynist and, finally, a customer unhappy with sudden accents mobsters.

The piece takes up (more or less) Chekhov, whose single act – which is the anniversary – is spreading, and insists writhes successfully on himself to acclimate to a new situation every evening in a hilarious repartee with the audience literally staged, and what stands out is an enjoyable madness meaningless and the frame unpronounceable work, brought to his exasperation parody and realism to a more and more absurd.


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