GREASE-MANIA at the Sistina Theatre


Everybody dance and song at the Sistina Theatre on the Greasenotes, that achieves 20 years of success. The Compagnia della Rancia celebrates the famous musical with a special edition rich of colors, lights and a live band.

The characters, easly recognizable icons from every age people, play the evregreen story of the students of an American High School during the fifties. In this edition the protagonist Danny Zuko is interpreted by Guglielmo Scilla, well known on the web like Wilwoosh, who collected also TV, radio and movie experiences. Near him Sandy, the pure and simple girl, enterpreted by Lucia Blanco, formerly on the stage in A Chorus Line, Beauty and the Beast, Mamma Mia!, Saturday night fever, Dirty Dancing and Footloose, who finally becomes a sexy girl.
Together with them the burning Kenickie (Riccardo Sinisi), the rebel and grouncy Rizzo (Eleonora Lombardo), the T-Birds, the Pink Ladies and the students of the famous High School. Nick Casciaro – after Italia’s Got Talent and Amici – is the double interpreter: Vince Fontaine and Teen Angel. A special angel who sings the new song “All I Need Is An Angel”, written by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorker for Grease Live! and for the first time in the world.

The choral performance is enthusiastic, outstanding contribute by the Lucia Blanco impressive talent and the Riccardo Sinisi powerful stage presence. After 40 years from the movie and 20 years from the first Off Broadway musical the show likes more and more. It is not only the simple love story that involves the audience but its strong spreading energy. It is a pop phenomenon, that involves every age people with electrifying music and sentimental relationships.
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The cast involves 60 people among the creative, technical and planning team, all commetted in this colorful magic trick on the stage every night. The premiere Grease opens the historical Roman Theatre season and the next tour all over Italy. 

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Guglielmo Scilla in the role of Danny
Lucia Blanco in the role of Sandy
Riccardo Sinisi in the role of Kenickie
Eleonora Lombardo in the role of Rizzo
Nick Casciaro in the double role of Vince Fontaine and Teen Angel
Ilaria Amaldi in the role of Miss Lynch

Director: Saverio Marconi and Mauro Simone associated director
Choreographer: Gillian Bruce
Set designer: Gabriele Moreschi
Costume designer: Carla Accoramboni
Lights: Valerio Tiberi and Francesco Vignati
Music supervision: Marco Iacomelli, Riccardo Di Paola arrangement and orchestration                                                                           Vocal direction: Gianluca Sticotti
Phonical design: Donato Pepe with Enrico Porcelli collaboration
Stage Photos: Francesco Prandoni

First edition: March 4th 1997, the Grease Italian version debuted at the Milan Teatro Nuovo with Lorella Cuccarini (Sandy) and Giampiero Ingrassia, (Danny). Mal was in the first cast as Teen Angel and Amadeus as Dj Vince Fontaine. With the Franco Miseria‘s choreografy the musical has been on the the stage for six months. It was the first long running show in Italy. After Milan the success continued in Rome at the Sistina Theatre, the Garinei e Giovannini musical comedy temple.


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