How to reach the Rome city center from the airport: bus / taxi or train?

Pubblicita-AeroportoHow to reach the city center of Rome from the airport? bus / taxi or train and at what price?

If you arrive in Rome late at night?
Reaching the center of Rome from Fiumicino airport after midnight?
For example, how we can get around Termini Station if we land to 00:30, in the international airport Leonardo da Vinci?
Sometimes it happens that the low-cost travel with flight delay, and can happen to be at the airport even at 3:00 am. At that time the only option seems to be to take a taxi, share it with other travelers because this is more convenient. But take a taxi from Fiumicino airport can be considered expensive for the a student budget or for any “backpacker” and low cost travelers.

If you arrive right in the middle of the night, and you have to wait a little for themselves, there is a bar in the airport (es. terminal 3 at Fiumicino) where you will find people, in fact you landed in Rome, one of the most visited cities in the world, where you will always find an open bar, good coffee and people to talk to for advice.
Obviously it’s a good idea to carefully, and keep in mind that many Italians do not know the solution of the regional bus (Cotral) and many will answer “taxi, unfortunately”, because for unknown reasons this service is not well publicized, and are often foreigners to learn more about the details of this tips.

 Inform yourself
Keep informed, when you can take advantage of private shuttles, or the trains. After midnight, there is a Cotral bus (SS), and always taxis.


aeroporti-mappa-roma-The Roma Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport is the main airport of Rome, it is also the main airport in central Italy.

The airport Ciampino Giovan Battista Pastine is the second largest airport serving the city, this work primarily for low cost airlines and the travel industry at low cost.

Leonardo da Vinci

The FCO airport has 4 terminals (T1, T2, T3, T5) and serves domestic flights, European, international and intercontinental destinations.
The distance from the airport to the center of Rome is about 32 km, while the number of airlines operating is about 200

Ufficial Web site Fiumicino airport:

The main airlines flying from / to Fiumicino airport:
Alitalia | Air France | Iberia | Lufthansa | American Airlines
Air Canada | EasyJet | Blue Air | Quantas | KLM | Thai Airways
British Airways

Address: Via dell ‘Aeroporto di Fiumicino, 320, 00054 Fiumicino RM
Code: FCO
Elevation: 5 m

Shuttle Bus
The prices vary between 4 and 6 Euro; Some of this do charge extra for luggage. The travel time is about 50 ~ 60 minutes. You can buy a bus ticket online or in the airport bus station (Terminal 3 arrivals).

  •   TAM, 5: 40-23: 30. Terminus at Termini, the south side. It also stops to Ostiense Station (in front of Eataly)
    TAM ( stops at Ostiense Station and Termini Railway Station cost Euro 4
    Schiaffini to Stazione Termini 4 Euro
  •   SIT “Shuttle Bus”, 8: 30-00: 30. Terminus at Termini, the north side. It also stops at the Vatican (Via Crescenzio).
    SIT ( it stops near the Vatican area and then to Stazione Termini 6 Euro
    Sit the company from Terminal 3 and stops in Piazza Cavour (Vatican area), and to Rome Termini. The journey takes about 60 minutes and the ticket costs Euro 8 (14 Euro return).
  •  Terravision, 5: 30-23: 00, Goes direct to Termini Station, it stops at the north side.
    The Terravision leaves from Terminal 3 and stops in Rome in Via Marsala, next to Termini Station. The journey takes 55 minutes and the ticket starts from EUR 4 (online)

You have two options: you express service or the regular serving different stations.

  •  Leonardo Express is the train that goes straight from Fiumicino airport to Rome Termini station, it takes 30 minutes to do, it costs 14 EUR and ranges from ~ 6: 20 ~ 23: 20.
  •  Regional train does not serve the Termini station, switching back from all the other stations – Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, Tiburtina, Nomentana -, it takes ~ 50 minutes to get to Tiburtina (L ‘other big station in Rome) and ~ 30 minutes Trastevere, costs 8 Euros and is operating from ~ 6: 00 ~ 23: 30.

Regional bus
The CPTRAL bus service runs several buses between the airport and Termini station, in the middle of the night. The connecting times with Airports can be seen here on site. Currently (2016) is the signal that have buses leaving from Fiumicino Airport (FCO) at 1:15, 2:15, 3:30, 5:00. The service costs 7 Euros, a good price.

The hardest part is to find the bus stop – it is not hidden, but it is not very obvious.
Inside the Fiumicino airport you can find signs saying “Bus public service” (or something similar). Follow it, is located between Terminals 1 and 2.
You will be facing the street, with the taxi stands around. Head to the parking building on the opposite side and look for the “stop”. The blue bus “Cotral” is after the taxi line painted on the street, where there is the inscription “COTRAL” painted in the ground.
The bus stops right in front of Termini Station. From the station to get around the city you can take a taxi or one of the night buses – do not forget to buy the first ticket for the bus to one of the machines.

Next to the all terminals exits are the taxis. To reach the city center (within the Aurelian Walls) the cost of the service is fixed at EUR 40, including luggage, for a maximum of four passengers.

Giovan Battista Pastine

The international airport Ciampino named Giovanni Battista Plastino (IATA: CIA, ICAO: LIRA), known as Rome Ciampino, is a civil airport, commercial and military of Rome (the distance between the airport and the center of the capital is about 15 km).
The airport was opened in 1916 and is one of the oldest airports still in operation. Up to 1960 it was the main airport in the capital, with a traffic of over 2 million passengers a year. But after the opening of the international airport Leonardo da Vinci in Fiumicino, Ciampino has handled almost exclusively charter flights and executive. The terminals have been extended in early 2007 and in recent years Ciampino has tripled its traffic passenger flow and has become the leading low-cost airport of the city of Rome.

Web Sites Ciampino Airport:,

The main airlines that fly to / from Rome Ciampino airport:
Ryanair | easyJet | Wizzair | My Air | Blue Air

Address: Via Appia Nuova 1651, 00040 Ciampino RM
Code: CIA
Elevation: 130 m

Transfers from Rome Ciampino

Several shuttle companies (Cotral, Terravision, shuttle) connect Ciampino airport and Termini station, in central Rome. There is no big difference between the service and the prezzodi each company (about 4-6 €) (see full details in belanding). If you land at Ciampino, the best option is to just go to the square in front of the airport and the bus ticket purchase, which seems ready to leave. Booking tickets for a specific company on the route is not advisable and almost never convenient for the traveler. However, if you arrive at the same time as a few other flights, you may face a wait of up to two hours regardless of whether there is a bus ready to leave or not. The queues can be long and the buses are not very regular.

From Ciampino Airport there are buses to the city center, or bus to the nearest Metro station (Anagnina) a shuttle service to Anagnina or at Ciampino station:
COTRAL connects Ciampino airport to Termini, but also has some connections with the metro Anagnina via Ciampino station for € 1.20.
Anagnina is the end of metro line A; from Ciampino station you can take a train to Termini Rome central station.
In light of this ATRAL to Ciampino station it is not particularly convenient; the station is quite far from the airport and then you wait for the next train to Rome (ticket price € 1.50), with the only possibility to get off at Termini. Thus, the airport shuttle bus to Termini is more practical.
Anagnina take the (subway line A) and can be a convenient way for those who do not need to arrive in the station area Termini, but at other points connected with the Metro A (for example, Vatican area, or the Spanish Steps ).

By taxi
Official taxis connect Ciampino with the center of Rome (the area within the Aurelian Walls) for the flat fee of € 30 (one, two, three or four people, including baggage). The fixed tariff is exposed on the sides of the cab. Most cab drivers are reliable, however, it is better to speak of the price immediately, specifying that you are aware of a fixed price, to avoid some nasty surprises.

Other economic options:

1) The method for those who are not afraid to walk a bit to the nearest train station called Casabianca. The road to Casabianca takes about 15 minutes and is not too suitable for pedestrians, and is not very recommended. The road is located right next to the airport. From the entrance, turn left and take impromptu sidewalk. The road is wide and comfortable, just enough room to walk. Follow the sidewalk to the first intersection. Here turn left and in this part lacks any sidewalk so you must walk carefully on the road itself where the sides are covered with tall weeds. However this part of the journey is short and requires only a maximum of 5 minut and will take you to the Casabianca station where you can catch a train to Roma Termini.

2) Exit out of the airport, walk straight to cross the street and reach Via Appia Nuova going to Via dell’eroscalo that structure is housed about 300 meters from the airport. Here you can catch bus ATAC bus 720. The line 720 is not performed frequently (usually once or twice an hour, not after 8 pm, and not on Sundays) and is very likely to have to wait 30 -40 minutes, but it is very useful to reach the metro station B Laurentina in the EUR district. From there, with the same ATAC ticket (€ 1.50 for 100 minutes travel) validated on the bus, you can take metro B to the center.
The ATAC tickets are available at the airport or in the newsagents and tobacconists

3) By Taxi, you can pre-book your taxi transfer from Ciampino to the city center or from the center of Ciampino at the same price of a regular taxi. A driver will be waiting at the gate, but you can pre-order travel essentials like sim card.

Pre-Book Taxi Price:
From Ciampino airport in Rome Center: € 30.00 (day / night)
From Ciampino Airpot in Fiumicino: € 50.00 (day / night)

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