Interview with Rita Lynch, a Burlesque star

Rita-Lynch_Burlesque__0231Who is Rita Lynch? How the character was born and his passion for the burlesque?

It is the question that always make me during interviews and to which I always find it a very difficult to answer. It suffices to say that Rita Lynch was born in a Sky-Tv program called Lady Burlesque, right?

Instead, when I asked this question, in my brain as if it would open many files, one resulted from the other: Rita Lynch, for me, was and is an amazing way of life, a landing and a departure.

I was very young when I got closer to the world of modeling, I started as a model pin-up when this kind in Italy was not yet in vogue. It was a world that fascinated me and that at the same time made me feel at ease, I felt it my.

From the pin-up to the burlesque to the step was short, maybe too much (the landing). After the program, however, (the departure), I found myself coming to terms with what had exploded inside me and I did not know how to control: too many times the passion burns up to do evil.

Rita Lynch is a performer, where performer means an artist who brings on stage his life path made to study, discoveries and, above all, for many questions.

And if you still think that I just take off the clothes, well, come and see my show, I’ll be proud of not accommodate you.

How do you feel when you’re on stage?

I first climbed on stage many years ago and I did as an actress (who is now my first job) it is for that rush of life you choose to climb again and again and again.

Now that power is no longer as strong as the first time, because you learn to manage it over time, but on stage I feel at home and I would not want to spend my life doing other things.


You have a superstitious ritual before performing?

I am a little addicted to hair and makeup, so they can control me 20 times before going on stage (always if the presenter has already started talking while I’m still upstairs in the dressing room – as happened to me in Germany to a replica of the variety for which I performed). For the rest I am warm, I close my eyes, I take a deep breath and go.

You’re the only performer of the Italian professional Caput Mundi, tell us a bit of the festival: What do you expect from this experience?

I never even got to participate as a spectator to Caput Mundi Award because the dates of the festival always coincided with some of my business, so for me it will be all new, but I know Albadoro, his work and I heard many other performers also sing its foreign praise.

I hope to contribute in my small way to the success, this year, of this great event.

There are differences between the burlesque in Italy and around the world?

Burlesque is not an Italian reality, is imported and, like all things imported, the risk that it becomes a “raw copy” of the original is around the corner.

A month ago I was in San Francisco, I was performing in one of the first local to have revived the burlesque of the new generation” (we always talk about a 20in years ago) and in the audience was one of the performers who made the story like that between them the ’60s and’ 70s: Isi Star. At the end of the show I stop for a moment to greet her and she, filling me with kisses, he tells me: This is what I missed Europe.

We have a unique background in the world, exploit it.

Future projects?

The fruit of more than a year’s work finally will see the light in December 2015  from 9 to 13 I will be on stage with an exceptional cast at the Teatro Portaportese, with Red House”, varieties developed by me and written with Filippo Nanni.

A show that ranges from cabaret to German American musical through the Italian variety, a mix of songs, choreography and circus acts, all strictly live.

A dirty variety show,” a variety show dirt, just because I do not care to offer a show clean and rigorous, I want to give the audience something different.

In this Italian land, as far as foreign however, in February 2016 I will be in Japan for Belladonna”, a show musical play written by Gigi D’Errico. I hope the Japanese public appreciates my efforts.



You are very young, but up to what age can you imagine on stage?

I do not have an irreducible” burlesque: my first love singing and acting, live and for that, I can not imagine a future down from a stage.

What would you say to those who want to pursue a career as a performer?

I would ask why.” All you need to know is in their response.

I can only add: the studio, the studio!

Studying never hurts, serves to improve: to become better people and better artists is never too late.



Red House – A dirty variety show TEASER

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Red House – Sophie Harris
Red House – Sophie Harris
Red House – Sophie Harris

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