Interview with “Wonderful Ginger”, the burlesque artist

Wonderful-Ginger_ph1Challenging shots of glitter and sequins to the third edition of the Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award. So Rome next weekend becomes a stage for twenty performers from around the world competing for the coveted title of High Priestess of Burlesque. A lot of news this year to direct competition from Albadoro Gala, Friday, 2015 Nov. 6, at the Teatro Central, also participates Wonderful Ginger. Here at Rome Central we interviewed.

Wonderful Ginger how was born this character, the name of art and where did this passion?

I always wanted a name as a superhero, and Wonderful Ginger seemed perfect. Having completed a first course of burlesque was really a case: I liked it and I continued.

You are competing in the Caput Mundi Award as you are aware of this festival?

 The award is known by everyone in the burlesque world, and it is one of the most important festivals in Europe. Last year I was in the audience, I never thought that this year I could participate. YAUUHUUUU!

 Burlesque has changed your life?

Definitely. At a working level, I was tired of hiding my colleagues my dream of a stage performing: a thing is a course of Burlesque, another is being on stage. There is a mentality very closed in Italy on this, unfortunately, and it’s one thing that unites all the performers. I left the office, my house in Padova and I moved to Rome. Now I spend a lot of my time sewing costumes and paste Swarovski, and are happy.

Wonderful-Ginger_ph2How do you imagine in a few years, the family? Children?

Children? Nooo but jokes that?!? I guess in Las Vegas and increasingly Wonderful, of course!

How to be the perfect partner for a performer?

Like mine.

Do you improvisation on stage?

It depends on the stage.

You have a superstitious ritual?

I make the sign of the cross. For some it is superstitious, it makes me feel safe.

In the race with you there is only one other Italian Jolie Tease, there is competition between you?

Absolutely no.

What do you do if you win the festival? and if he wins Jolie?

I am “the new comer among all newcomers,” and I have already won a festival right in the Teatro Centrale this year, the Vertigo, with which I can compete at the Caput Mundi Award: winning would really be snow in August. If he wins Jolie, which I hope, I could boast of having slept together …

Grazie mille e porcapapessa !!

Wonderful Ginger.Com 

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