Interview with the Soul of the artist Robin Clerici

robin-clerici_Gangs-WRobin Clerici is a multifaceted artist. She expresses herself excellently in the various arts thanks to her intense research, study and passionate curiosity in an endless emotional evolution, professional and precise. Her works show a kind of nonchalance as she uses different techniques as painting, vinilic on linen, digital  photography, lost wax jewelry sculptures, trompe-l’oeil and murales all together contribute to express the soul, mind and humanity.
How does she paint? Only those who admire her paintings and know her well, are aware. She expresses from the depth of her sensitive soul a conceptual art of great power. She delves into our ego, figures and shadows are fundamental also in her photography. All this humanity- children, individuals, landscapes- all are seen in an intriguing perspective: the bird’s-eye view.
Robin tell us about yourself before your next personal show in Rome…robin-clerici_opera

How did your artistic journey begin?
It sprang out from a few strokes of contrasting colors while learning the fresco technique. My mother is a good painter and this has always made me hesitant to allow myslf to paint fine art until I felt the compelling necessity to do so while I was working on this fresco.

What expression do you prefer? How important is manuality and with which media?
My hands are the direct extension of my feeling.

In your artistic journey you perform a very personal style, humanity springs out in each work, how important is it and and how?
 The intimate relation among individuals of any age and gender.

Do you continue to experiment? Lets talk about your tecniques?
The technique is always the same dry and wash.

Bird’s-eys views…an endless search?
Yes always.

Various techniques, which do you prefer more and why?
If you mean the techniques of my other creative skills I love the one which at the moment gives me an inner drive.

An inspiring artist? Who do you admire?
Francis Bacon.

Painting on linen, explain to us how you work and what about your latest works?
The canvas is always raw linen the heaviest I find and also the most expensive, I prep it myself I do not use commercial canvases, I never sketch, I draw directly on the  canvas, sometimes after underpainting a color I then add layers.

Are the physical space and the exposition location fundamental for you? Can it affect your work and its interpretation?
Yes, it’s very important.

What emotion would you like to leave to the public?
Just emotion, each one is free to feel his or her own.

Future projects?
Some rest and then again through Europe with my jewelry.
Finally I always ask the artists I meet, Robin ask yourself a question that no one has asked you before and that you would have liked to hear and answer.

Are you a spiritual searcher?
Yes. Spirituality is  strictly infused with real/practical life because It is reality.

Robin-ClericiRobin Clerici  graduated from the Accademia di Moda e Costume. The first show in Rome 1996, her works are in private and public collections  in Italy and abroad. She worked as a designer for the theatre and cinema (1983-1991, as assistant of Oscar winner Franca Squarciapino for theatres in Paris, Lion, Glascow, London, Berlin, New York, Milan and Rome), high fashion shoe designer for “Albanese di Roma” (1981-1988). She paints “trompe-l’oeil” and murales for important public and private locations  in Italy and abroad. She studied fresco and mosaic and she simultaneously  paints, photographs. She also creates lost wax Jewelsculptures.

Her works at Spazio Menexa in Rome are a series of paintings, 8 pictures, Vinilic on linen, of which two are big, strong texture, where we find the leap-in-the-dark theme, exploring in the intimacy of the viewer revealing emotions differing from person to person.

One man show Robin Clerici – SOS – Save Our Souls
Vernissage Wednesday 2016, June 22nd from 7PM to 9.30 PM
Spazio Menexa – Via di Montoro, 3, in Roma
Open every day until July 15th 2016
Mon-Fri  10.00 AM-7 PM, Saturdays only by appointment only

Jewelsculptures  by Robin Clerici FB

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