The cradle of the universe in Giuliano Cardellini’s works

Form italian region Emila Romagna the artist Giuliano Cardellini, we meets him in preview of his first exhibition here in Rome,

He lives and works in Morciano di Romagna in his “GC Art Atelier” as he is an artist and poet. Today, he creates works in various themes such as: environmental protection, energy saving, social solidarity, individual marginalization, social affiliation, need for love.
He uses materials of various types such as: mixed technique painting, pitto-sculpture, iron and steel sculpture and installations. One of his thoughts is that the art has the function of opening minds, raising consciences, enabling them to imagine spaces beyond the material and the conventional, to enjoy the beauty and the harmony, to grow all the better. The new exhibition project – about twelve works of painting and sculpture – is the encounter between Materia, iron, steel, and painting with a blue load of infinity and sacredness, to represent its most recent and deep emotion in reference to the concept of the Universe.

Interview with Giuliano Cardellini.

Giuliano tell us about you, your technique so particular, to whom you inspire, ideals and projects …

1) How do you begin your artistic journey? Tell us your starting point?

Ever since I was young, I liked writing poems, tales, drawing in color and creating aphorisms. Then I felt attracted to making collages, with newspapers, clippings, writing texts and writing both poetic and prose. The taste and the attention to color choice was so great. Since then I felt stimulated to put in synergy different materials, different colors, different writing, and all in order to create something meaningful and harmonious. Art is my life, a symbiosis I can not and I do not want to be rid of. Maturity led me to the awareness of a great indissoluble love, permeating, inseparable from everyday life.

2) What is art for you?

Art is the ability to express beauty and harmony, bringing out all that emotions, sufferings, joys, disappointments and your own life from within yourself, all listening and searching continually without an end. Art has the function of opening minds, raising consciences, imagining spaces beyond the material and the conventional, making them enjoy the beauty and the harmony to make us all grow better. It stimulates listening, participation, sharing and solidarity among peoples. I try to unite, in my art, the unpredictability, the absolute technological innovation, the use of unconventional colors, a presentation of strong emotional response, to create something unique, but which in itself has a strong conceptual and impact value , emotional first then reflection.

3) Which artist inspires you?

Mainly fascinates me Cattelan, for her transgressive but also very conceptual being, always looking for something different, I would say it is unpredictable.
Then Alberto Burri with his continuous and tireless experimentation on every kind of material, which change looks, become something else, absolutely innovative.
Then Umberto Boccioni with its immense versatility between painting and sculpture, the use of fantasmagoric colors and the idea of ​​dynamism.
Finally, Marc Quinn for his classic and innovative spaceship at the far end, with the declared will to shock him.

4) What are the recurring subjects and what is their ideal subject pursuing?

Recurring subjects are concerned with the denunciation of the evils of contemporary society, in particular the need for environmental protection and the condemnation of pollution in all forms and aspects.
There is also the intent of an existential type, that is how the individual is placed in relation to the isolation of society, its struggles for its moral and existential rights, its ability to reborn morally and spiritually.
Another important topic is how to live the love of our day, what reflections it poses, what relevance it has in our contemporary society.
There is no ideal subject, but it is the set of all these, each one fundamental for life, so an overall view of the individual’s well-being in relation to the world in which he lives.

5) Does your creative process touch different techniques, tools, and media, do you describe them? what do you prefer in a particular way?

The feature is to use many very different techniques.
It goes from painting to canvas, iron, on board to mixed techniques with many different materials, such as iron, wood, glass, plastic, cloth, rotten wood, rusty iron, etc. in a constant search.
Then it continues with pitto-sculpture, sculpture, installations and interactive installations.
The artist’s only unique feature is to use original poetic poems for each of his works.
In fact, being a poet, he also creates a specific poem for each specific work, which ultimately often becomes material itself and is based on the different material used in that work, forming a unique artistic expression.
When this is not the case with material fusion, then poetic verse is contained in the title of the work.
6) What are you doing now on your artistic journey? What does it symbolize for you?
In my current artistic journey, in addition to the historical themes (environment, nature, individual, interiority, love, etc.) that distinguish me, I am looking for and experimenting with great fervor.

7) How important is color for you?

The color for me is very important. So I reserve the choice of color for extreme attention, which leads me to carry out endless tests before choosing the best color matching. Each color has its own story, its impact, its intrinsic charm. Expressing a concept, albeit profound, requires a specific color, for the artist’s intent and for the impact that one wants to arouse.

8) What would you give your audience through your works?

I would like to give my audience opportunity, desire, will and awareness to reflect.
Reflect on what my works want to express, not only in their first aesthetic and emotional aspect, but above all in their most meaningful meaning. The way the artist performs before arriving at a work is fundamental, requires intensity and ability to dialogue with oneself. Then multiplying by the coefficient of life, with all its infinite facets, it can sometimes lead to something unique, rare, of precious, an artwork born out of the summation of all this. What I found I would like to share it with my audience.

9) and to finish what your desires and future plans are?

After my first personal show in Rome with my curator and the Galleria Loft Gallery-Mater we are working on several projects and will follow other exhibitions in Italy, Germany and South America. In 2018, I have several projects of exhibitions and new works to be done in Palermo and abroad, at the end of the year I will make a great museum exhibition in Rome … the rest is about to become …

The artist Giuliano Cardellini lives and works in Morciano di Romagna in his GC Art Atelier. From the very beginning he writes poems, draws in color and creates aphorisms. She is passionate about photography, never leaving her. The meeting, several years ago, with the work of the landlord Raffaello Sanzio, begins with painting, like the proximity to Arnaldo tomato and Umberto Boccioni, originally from Morciano, from which his approach to sculpture. “He published more than thirty-five videos on his he has participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad: Venice, Cattolica, Rimini, Verona, Gubbio, Pesaro, Osaka, London, Monte Carlo, Reggio Emilia and New York, www.

During the exhibition you will be able to visit Piazza Iside and the archaeological pearl of the Iside Temple on which our gallery is faced.

Exhibition Culla di Roseo Universo (Cradle of Roseo Universe) bi Giuliano Cardellini in Rome 5th-12th September 2017

Info: Gallery Spazio Mater-Loft Gallery by Ilaria Sergi in via Ludovico Muratori 11 Rome

Exhibition Schedule: The exhibition can be visited until September 12, 2017 from Tuesday to Sunday from 6.30 pm to 9 pm and by appointment: tel +39 333 6344957

Curate by: Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia

The entrance is free.


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