The ASI day of the Maritime Villages of Italy (Borghi Marinari) 2021

Mazara del Vallo, comune della Sicilia in provincia di Trapani

Sunday 27 June 2021 will see the ASI Day of Italy’s Maritime Villages. Organised by the association “Borghi Marinari d’Italia”, with the patronage of ENIT-Tourism Agency, more than a hundred associations and municipalities will be involved. We went to visit them.

“27 June will be an opportunity to involve seaside communities, to introduce them to corners of Italy that are often forgotten. Culture, arts, crafts, and traditions handed down from father to son,” says Stefano Principe, President of the Borghi Marinari d’Italia Association. “A Borghi festival made by the Borghi and their people, but also an opportunity to offer moments of civic education and respect for common spaces” continues Stefano Principe.

The ASI Day of Italy’s Maritime Villages is in its first edition and, despite the difficulties linked to the uncertainty of the moment, the association’s headquarters are full of enthusiasm for organising the event. “The patronage of Enit means that we have presented a meticulous and well-articulated project“, says Mario Presutti, secretary general of the association, “We are working on a full calendar of cultural and associative events. We had everything well planned from day one, and now with Enit’s recognition we are stimulated to do even better“, concludes Mario Presutti.


Positano, a town on the Amalfi coast in the province of Salerno, is a popular tourist destination with pebble beaches and steep, narrow streets full of shops and cafés.

We tried to ask for more information, but at the headquarters of “Borghi Marinari d’Italia” the mouths are tight. Searching on the Internet, we discovered that on 27 June the Borgo Marinaro del Cuore 2021 will be awarded and we also found a series of declarations from participating organisations. As that of Marco Pelagatti, responsible for the tourism sector of the province of Rome ASI “Sunday 27 June we will be engaged in cleaning the beach in front of the Castle of Santa Severa, a small gesture of our volunteers to pay homage to one of the most beautiful villages in Italy”.

Procida island and village with colorful houses at sunset. Travel destination near Naples in Campania, Italy

Maria Luisa Silvestri, secretary of Tag Vsd Asd, a flying school in Anguillara Sabazia, says: “On ASI Maritime Villages of Italy Day, we will be flying over the Latium coastline taking photos from above, and the photos of the day will be donated to the association promoting the initiative. Thanks to our sport we can offer a different point of observation of the beautiful Italian coastline, this will be our contribution to this day of the Borghi Marinari


We just have to wait for 27 June 2021, the appointment is wherever there is a Borgo or a maritime community along the Italian coast.

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