Vittorio Camaiani’s Fashion Collection SS2019

Vittorio Camaiani presents his Spring / Summer 2019 fashion collection to tell the sea with his exclusive creations. Inspired by the fish of the 1930s mosaic of the Palazzina Azzurra in San Benedetto, the stylist  pointed far, towards the absolute beauty that characterizes the islands of Greece.

A recurring motif of this collection is the fish, symbol of the sea. They are the fish that Vittorio Camaiani saw on the fishing boats of the island of Paros,  transformed into decorative details: the fish gracefully lean on striped knits of a marine flavor, defining in a suggestive crossover the hem of linen clothes, They “migrate” wisely embroidered on dove-gray silk evening gowns, tight at the waist, wrapped in an embrace and studded with precious crystals, sculpture-dresses that pay homage to ancient Greece, hand-painted on tops, trousers and caftans.

Vittorio Camaiani’s sea is also wind and sails and the ropes of the boats, elements that we find in the linen suits on the day wear in which triangles of impalpable fabric lean on the head with the lightness of sails in the wind , while the ropes decorate short Bermuda trousers.

In the part explicitly dedicated to Santorini, Vittorio Camaiani ( also pays tribute to the typical architecture of the greek islands. The domes of the churches are found hand painted on the batik of full-caftan from the asymmetrical cut, the crosses of the churches are cited in the cut of suits and evening dresses in cady and duchesse and in the embroideries of swarovski crystals on dresses and trousers in marocaine and organza.

The typical stairs of the village of Oia are instead reproduced in the hem of linen skirts and the red evening dress in jacquard silk that symbolizes the famous sunset of Santorini.

Among the marine nuances of white, blue and deep blue, between sand and coral red, this eye-catching collection is presented in the Coffee House of Palazzo Colonna, a princely residence with ancient statues and bas-reliefs inside. Elena Parmegiani, incomparable director of the Coffee House, illustrates the uniqueness of the splendid salon, represented by the fresco of the myth of “Amore e Psiche” created in 1730 by the artist Francesco Mancini at the behest of Prince Fabrizio Colonna. The interior of the Coffee House is a miracle of harmony that has been defined as “the most delightful and delicate eighteenth-century space in Rome that for the second time will meet the haute couture of Vittorio Camaiani.


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