The structure and soul of colour: Silvia Salvadori

The exhibition to be presented in December is by a very refined artist, Silvia Salvadori, one of the few in Italy who knows how to use the ancient painting techniques handed down to us by the old masters. Silvia, with her shiny powders, precious pigments and use of pure gold and burins, embodies the spirit of medieval art. Through the skilful search for that now lost knowledge, she will make us relive the ancient techniques of the great masters of the history of art.

Presentation by Roberto Litta.

Inauguration on Thursday 16 December at 6 p.m.

During the inaugural event on 16 December from 6 p.m. there will be a practical demonstration by the artist of some of the phases of working a panel: from preparing the canvas to imprimitura, gilding and painting.
Ettore Aimi / WineGo wine tasting.

Visitors with a mask and a Covid-19 GreenPass are admitted.

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