Leo-Pari_SpazioLeo Pari, a Roman musician and producer, presented his new job. A very 80s album that recalls some typical sounds of those years, between disco dancing and songwriting.

“Spazio”(Space) is the fifth album by the artist and the third of a trilogy that began with “resin” (2011) and continued with “Sirena” (2013).
Space is an album that has np common parts from previous Leo Pari cds.
This is a record that recalls the 80’s, that sounds like the future that in 1986 seemed to everyone.
Ten songs with which Leo seems to have wanted to play hide and seek. Not at all a discp intimate, and at least songwriting. Leo Pari with this album becomes Pop with songs often born precisely from the basic track full of synthesizers and dilated sounds.
Leo with this album gives a nod to the market and abandons the role of protagonist and the author’s music to first try the immediacy.
Lyrics and melodies in which we find reflections on their world. Just think of the text of the track 9 – “The songwriters are the purifiers of the company” (The Songwriter) or strange reflections on the relationship between men and women in this society with texts from highly provocative content such as: “The aim with the new I told her that I love her, but I’m still thinking of you “(track 2, the Little Secrets Of Men)
In space we found very Pop but also some reflections on the passage of time; Leo tells time in an existentialist way The End Of The World where there sings “Coming to the end of the world but it does not surprise us, come with Beethoven’s music in the background, but not kill us” – and even a little cunning in The Second Time where the text “And suddenly you were 18 years old, were leaving with friends in Interrail, with long hair whole life ahead, it was the summer of ’96.”

The new album by Leo Pari “Space” comes out for Gas Vintage Records, produced by the same Leo Pari using Sante Rutigliano.

Listen to a preview of Rockit.it:

April 23, 2016 Leo Pari will play a preview of the new SPACE album for the first time ever to the MONK CLUB of Rome.Leo-pari-al-monkMONK is located in Rome, in Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35 (Portonaccio area).


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