Another look for young and senior … is the incredible story of Casiamù. Interview with the narrator Claudio Proietti

L-incredibile-storia-di-Casiamu-Claudio-ProiettiClaudio Proietti lives and works in Rome. Narrator and director, sensible, speaks to everyone, young and senior audience. His first book was: “I have two stories for you” edition by Armando Curcio Editore -2014. Studies and explores the lives of every day from where it takes the deepest side of his essence.” The incredible story of Casiamù “has just been released and is already present in several schools.

Claudio-Proietti(foto)Claudio tell us about yourself …

1 ) Explain how you work ? What vision do you have of life, of the world?

I like to hear me go. Not having any kind of boundaries. When a story “calling you” can only accommodate. You must avoid putting your, at least in the first phase of writing. Then, but only after having” listened well “that urges you, there is everything a carpentry work, as they call those who know more than me . That is, the tricks of the trade.

My outlook on life and the world? I just do not know answer… I try to observe what happens inside and outside of me. Without giving me too definitive answers. This does not mean not having a point of view, it means not to be too rigid. There are people who never change their minds. Maybe because they have one and we desperately cling. I seconded my life, I let myself be guided. He knows, of course, more than me.

2 ) A continuous research and study , experiments …

Yes very much. I like to experiment. Step by brilliant theatrical comedy in books of fiction, to children’s books, in texts like “The journey of Christ”. I like to wander here and there. I am an author homeless. Very curious, especially .

3 ) A writer I admire in particular ?

Éric – Emmanuel Schmitt. Great. One of the few that makes me passionate about the stories he writes. A singular personality. Gift always one of his books.

4 ) Articles of jet or everything is planned ? How do your stories and how you developed this your latest book ?

There is no rule, of course. Writing is one of the most mysterious things that exist and therapeutic. The idea can incubate for years, then suddenly: knock knock , here it is! Surely, then, takes a more practical phase . It outlines a path. The woodwork was telling you about earlier. “The incredible story of CASIAMÙ ” is the result of a long incubation. I could never write a story like 20 years, I had lived long enough .

5 ) How did ” Casiamù ” ? What are your wishes?

Casiamù occurred just. Not by that name, which is the result of several games with the letters of the alphabet. Incubation of which I have just spoken to you has yielded its fruit, when the time was rip. His desires are those of any human being. Can be summed up in one: to be happy.

But, like many of us, it attributes this need to an external event. Being happy is equivalent to finding the flying camel. In fact, it is the evidence that exceeds to do the miracle.

L-incredibile-storia-di-Casiamu_Claudio-Proietti(retro)6 ) A little hero , which speaks to all of us … there is a bit ‘ of you in this great little character …

There is a bit ‘ of all of us. There is the human journey that decides to learn more about himself. When you take certain paths it is easy to get lost. Fortunately I told this research through the eyes of a child , of course , does not know what really drives him but try another . I told him everything through the fairy tale . A territory in which , although there is lost a bit ‘ , then he always finds his way home.

7 ) What location do you place this adventure ?

An imaginary place. I did not want to give real names to the places everyone dreams so freely. The fairy tale has this advantage. It takes us away but, paradoxically, brings us closer to ourselves more than we can think.

8 ) A story for young and old , for everyone? What is that you want to leave your readers?

Enthusiasm. A sense of joy. The will to live. To do, build. The desire to fall in love with what surrounds us. How is it possible? I know, you’re wondering. We live in a very particular historical period. Difficult, but also full of opportunities that we should be able to exploit better. Casiamù tells us that we can get out of any abyss, but it takes effort. We have to really want it, especially.

9 ) An incredible History, incredible how come?

What story is not? Mine, yours. That of the people we know or do not know. If you think about every story, even the most seemingly simple , contains something ” amazing . ” We fell, we were wounded . We have many scars. But here we are, still in love with this mystery in which we ended up years and years ago. Extraordinary.

10 ) He went out very recently and has already been presented in several schools … to life and creates joy in children

Even the teachers, parents, brothers and sisters , milkmen, lawyers, piazzaioli . You are creating a form of spontaneous affection around this ” hero” truly unique. Surely they feel the sincerity. Casiamù came to the world with joy in your heart. For this, I believe, is so beloved .

11 ) This writing -Drawing union , have chosen an artist for Illustrations Santina Vaccaro , how did you find ?

Very well. Santina has given a soul, not just a body , to the character. Colored idea. He had the feeling of digging in the words and make the invisible visible. A beautiful collaboration.

12 ) A job so passionate, research full time , … Looking for something in particular ?

I’m not looking for anything in particular. I like to tell stories. Of course, along the way , I am meeting so many things about me . I deal with myself I put myself completely into question . All this is beautiful, sometimes a bit ‘ painful. But I can not help it.

13 ) What’s your next adventure ? He will follow this book ?

Casiamù do not know if it will have a sequel, I do not think . Never say never, though. It ‘s been so extraordinary and natural than to think ” strategically ” to a second act makes me a little ‘ turn up noses , stomach and fingers . However, if the story comes from the self I gladly welcome. The next adventure is already in progress. Actually they have more adventures. There’s a new book I’m finishing. Two comedies for the theater and other projects that I care a lot. A lot of !!

14 ) E To end I always ask everyone I meet … Claudio made ​​a question that no one has ever asked you ( and so you wanted to hear you ask ) ….

Nobody had asked me that question. (Int: nobody but there is always the first time!)

It arrives at 12:44 a shining Thursday. All was quiet but … Zac! I find myself to deal with a question that struck me and invites me to move from chair to chai . It reflects a bit… I take off my glasses, I think better. So … What I wish I were asked? Well, perhaps I would have liked someone I would put this question: ” But there are , according to you , the camels with wings ? ” … I would have replied: ” Absolutely. ”

The incredible story of CASIAMÙ by Claudio Proietti – Edition: Progetto Cultura – 2016
cover illustrations made by the artist Santina Vaccaro

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Library Mangiaparole – Via Manlio Capitolino , 9 ( open Tuesday from 15.30 )

tel : 0697841027 – book cost : 7.50 EUR

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