Homeopathy in music

Homeopathy and patient doctor relationship through music.
A new and original way to transmit messages, even very deep ones. It is for the first time in Europe that a music CD is born on the homeopathic theme.

The merit is of Marco Lombardozzi doctor, songwriter and musician, out of every canon.
An intense and original album, ranging from rap to pop, to the most classic notes of our author song; full of irony, sensitivity, aching beauty in the story of the author’s human experience ..
A praiseworthy work that should be heard and spread by the high human content it expresses and the emotions it inspires.

The first two pieces: Granulo Omeopatico and Il Simile launch the homeopathic message; the other four, No dottore, Umano, Psico rap and Buonanotte reflect deeply on the human condition of the sick individual and on the ultra specialization and dehumanization of medicine.

Here the link to the Gloogle Play platform that spreads it:

The cover picture is from the Atelier Photographic Sponzilli in Rome.

Video presentation by Dr. Marco Lombardozzi

Doctor Marco Lombardozzi Physician and Psychotherapist. He graduated in Medicine with the first thesis on Homeopathy in the history of the La Sapienza University of Rome. He was director of the Riza Psicosomatica Institute of Rome. He was a lecturer in the first level Master’s at the Tor Vergata University. He studied bioenergetic psychotherapy in New York with Lowen. He has written more than 100 articles and 8 books on the theme of homeopathy. is responsible for the psychology section of CSOCAP, the association that created the Omeo Fito Festival


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