POLISHED by Rafael Spregelburd

Lucido_foto-Valeria-Tomasulo (12)

Photo by Valeria Tomasulo


11-12-13 April 2015

Saturday and Sunday Monday h 21 h 18

K-factor in collaboration with Association Olinda Onlus


text Rafael Spregelburd
translation of Valentina Cattaneo and Roberto Rustioni
directed Milena Costanzo and Roberto Rustioni
assistant Elizabeth Carosio
props and costumes Katiuscia Magliarisi
lights and sound Diego Labonia

Milena Costanzo _ Tetè
Antonio Gargiulo _ Luca
Maria Vittoria Scarlattei _ Lucrezia
Roberto Rustioni _ Dario

“For Spregelburd the” comedian “, the” comedy “becomes a key play more precise and acute interpretation of our reality, not an escape or entertainment, irony and lightness as a weapon to go deeper in understanding of our human condition, man’s destiny is ridiculous and the world is strange and surprising.
A story contains a secret history.
I tell a story to recount another.
What makes sense is always in the background, underground, “gestalt”, mysterious, mysterious as is the life of the people. “(Note to director)

Glossy is the dream that is dissected from sleep, the nightmare sick and deliberate. A bad dream fun, to hide the brutal truth.
It is a parallel road, to repair the damage, a strange alternative to despair. It is the most absurd clarity, inconsistency less unconscious, on the avenue straight to a cruel fate and precise as life.
It is another eternity before death, where the protagonists orphans of reality projected on a mother beautifully numb all the ridiculous ghosts of a family that has never seen grow.
And the plot is a crazy animal without a tail that serves as a pretext to a text without handles, this Spregelburd, from which the thought does not come out unscathed, brilliant and charming as a quagmire, and brought cleverly staged by director and actor Roberto Rustioni with a talented Milena Costanzo as the mother of the two brothers Antonio and Maria Vittoria Scarlattei Gargiuolo.
Brother and sister sacrificed together by their love and a lucid dream in which the dreamer is missing.


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