Roman Theatre of Ostia Antica. overview Photo by Luca Apicella

The myth and the dream” is the title of Ostia Antica Festival 2020, fifth edition. From July to September music, theatre and dancing events on the scene between tradition and innovation, organized by ‘Antico Teatro Romano’ together with the Archeological Ostia Antica Park.

To Battisti and Mogol music was tributed the second of the 23 planned nights. This concert celebrated a piece of  Italian music and attracted several hundred people on the fascinating stairs of the Roman Theatre, the hart of the most famous ancient ruins of the world for its integrity and beauty.

Fabio Red Rosso – Photo by Luca Apicella

Frontman and vocalists – Photo by Luca Apicella

Canto libero was not a simple concert, but a show, tribute to a historical couple of the 60’-70’. On the stage, an ensemble of 10 well-mixed musicians with long experience in their careers, who received Mogol blessing. Canto Libero reproduces Battisti songs faithfully to the original, but not as a copy. They added their own musical personality and sensibility, new arrangements, bringing up his natural blues and rock soul.

Dove vai quando poi resti sola?
Il ricordo, come sai, non consola
Quando lei se ne andò, per esempio
Trasformai la mia casa in un tempio
E da allora solo oggi non farnetico più
A guarirmi chi fu
Ho paura a dirti che sei tu
Ora noi siamo già più vicini
Io vorrei, non vorrei, ma se vuoi
Come può uno scoglio
Arginare il mare
Anche se non voglio
Torno già a volare
Le distese azzurre
E le verdi terre
Le discese ardite
E le risalite
Su nel cielo aperto
E poi giù il deserto
E poi ancora in alto
Con un grande salto
Dove vai quando poi resti sola?
Senza ali tu lo sai non si vola
Io quel dì mi trovai per esempio
Quasi sperso in quel letto così ampio
Stalattiti sul soffitto i miei giorni con lei
Io la morte abbracciai
Ho paura a dirti…

Battisti- Mogol


The Band – Photo by Luca Apicella

Luca Piccolo , keyboards – Photo byLuca Apicella

Voice Fabio “Red” Rosso

Piano and musical direction Giovanni Vianelli

Guitars Emanuele “Graffo” Grafitti, Luigi Di Campo

Bass and pc planning Alessandro Sala

Drums Jimmy Bolco

Percussion and drums Marco Vattovani

Keyboards Luca Piccolo

Voices Joy Jenkins, Michela Grilli

Video Francesco Termini 

Sound Engineer Ricky Carioti

Until September 19th will take turns evenings with De Andrè and Queen music, Max Giusti e Paola Minaccioni irony, Michela Murgia, and Stefano Massini acting, only to mention some of them.


Apart from the show, you can’t miss the location where artists go on the scene. I suggest to be there some minutes before the spectacle to enjoy the wonderful sunset among the Mediterranean vegetation and the ancient ruins of the Ostia excavation, that once again host visitors in magic and unique atmosphere. With a bit of imagination, it seems that the roman streets of the first rich colony of the Roman Empire, also bigger and important than Pompei, live again. Moreover, this year, the Theatre audience can have a special guided visit by the archeological site.

For further information, visit the web site https://www.ostianticateatro.com/



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