Brushstrokes in the space of Loredana Salzano, from Lipari to Rome

21 May 2018, opens in Rome at Villa Pignatelli, the exhibition of multidisciplinary artist Loredana Salzano entitled “ISOLA – Aeolian Islands” by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, under the patronage of the Municipality of Lipari ISOLA is a project where the artist, through his works, he wants to exalt the figure of the woman and her interiority in relation to the “island” dimension as a concept and as still primordial and dominant nature, from which to leave and to return for an energetic rebirth able to regenerate from the deep the entire humanity The exhibition, within the Neo-Renaissance historical space in the center of Rome: Villa Pignatelli, of Hetra, provides an emotional journey with the representation of about ten works produced with different techniques, paintings and drawings that evoke an ideal bridge between Rome and Lipari and homage to the two cities that are so different but complementary.

The art of Loredana Salzano is a free art, full of passion and that smiles at us. lma of intense colors and light. He is a multidisciplinary artist and explores various materials. In his works he prefers the color blue like the sea where he lives, which is exalted in many of his works, and with the figure of the volcano, which for the artist represents the woman, scans the world.

Interview with Loredana Salzano

… talk about you …

1 – How does all the artistic activity begin and where do you get your inspiration?
I have always had and cultivated since childhood the passion for everything that somehow stimulated creativity and creative thinking. I’ve always drawn, created signatures, I’ve always written. My real artistic activity, however, began with a meeting with Sicily first and then with the Aeolian islands, and from an “explosive” clash with the volcanoes. And it is the volcanoes of which I have followed the route ideally and materially, from Vesuvius to Stromboli passing through Etna and Vulcan, my source of primary inspiration, my active creative lava vein.

2 -What is the artist you’re inspired by?
There is not an artist in particular that inspires me in reality. Picasso and Dali have always preferred them almost in the same way, but for different reasons. I like the dreaming and surreal side of Dali and Picasso the genius and experimentation. In reality, I believe that in some way my way of doing art can rather be linked to certain transavanguard.

3 – Do your works make you think of new distant worlds?
My works could make us think of distant worlds perhaps in the mode of oneiric and sometimes almost abstract representation, but for the truth they are physical places as mental. My islands or my volcanoes as well as my fish … are all representations in various ways of an extremely contemporary humanity.

4 – Describe how you create?
How much is instinct and how much is study? my way of creating has always different approaches. And I like to consider that my way of creating proceeds like my way of thinking, which unlike most people is not linear: it is circular. Here it is. my way of creating is circular. Therefore it does not have a beginning or an end that is normally identifiable. Sometimes it starts from a concept and there is a study that proceeds by sketches. . Other times it is the pure instinct that starts from the material or from a crossed form by chance on the road or on the shoreline. I certainly know that I almost always create the background music of Giovanni Sóllima. I believe that music is a superior form of art and has the ability to harmonize everything.

5 – Do you prefer painting or sculpture? painting or sculpture?
Here too it depends on the periods. In some I even prefer writing (see always the concept of circularity of thought and action).

6- What is your relationship with the matter?
Matter is everything. In any case I want to say even my two-dimensional painting is extremely material. At least one bit’ . I find that there is nothing more spiritual than matter.

7 – Let’s talk about your exhibition in Rome … what emotions do you want to leave for your audience?
As far as my exhibition in Rome was concerned, it seemed to me stimulating to confront two realities in two hypothetical dialogues, two physical but above all mental and cultural places that were a bit antipodal yet complementary. The islands with their Mediterranean attitude and Rome always caput mundi. I liked the idea of ​​confrontation. But the fundamental principle that I wanted to pass is that of the island as a condition and as a metaphor for women. A microcosm considered fragile. But in my opinion it has its own strength in its fragility. The strength of the smaller islands is the strength of women. Fragility must once again be considered a gift as a value.

8- How important is it to “tell” for you?
Telling is fundamental for me – words are important. And where words do not arrive. . I help with images or shapes. Telling the world, its own vision of the world through its own experience – to convey it – to be through it: this is the role of the artist, if he has one.

9 – You feel a lot of spirituality in your works, how important is it and how does it develop?
I think I’ve said it more or less before … spirituality is everywhere because it’s within us: it’s our soul. The most cumbersome part of a contemporary society that seems to no longer know what to do with the soul. Recuperiamola. Please. At all costs . Let’s get back human. This is my prayer.

10 – future exhibitions projects?
Certainly as we will anticipate during the Roman exhibition: I expect the beautiful project for Manifesta in Palermo in mid-June, where I will bring sculpture vessels <contemporary craters> and then the biennial of Filicudi in August. We’ll see…

The Exhibition in Rome

In these works where the woman is the protagonist in the act of scrutinizing herself and the environment that surrounds her, the volcano with the great symbolic value it contains and the island as a human condition and as a privileged observatory from which to look and reinterpret the world. The artist’s production gives rise to very different and contrasting sensations that give freedom to the most authentic emotions through the use of materials and shades of dense and material colors, such as the intense and multifaceted blue of the sea where he lives or the explosive and magmatic red flanked to the figure of the Vulcano; all in a perfect harmony of contrasts and shapes.

The beauty of the nature of the islands will be strongly evoked also through an olfactory path of Eolieparfums Italy with which the artist has collaborated, on this occasion, presents in seven different essences and seven illustrations told through poems dedicated to the islands and winds. A fascinating path, sensory and love, which will cross the seven mini volcanoes, made of small ceramic sculptures glazed with an identifying color for each island.

During the evening the flavors of this beautiful land, Sicily, will be tasted, thanks to the participation of the historic Tasca D’Almerita winery, with which the Sicilian artist has already collaborated. This exhibition is a preview of a prestigious exhibition to be held in June/August 2018 in Palermo for Manifesta12 and in 2019 in Rome. Partners of the initiative: Hetra, WonderHome, EolieParfums Italia, Vini Tasca D’Almerita and Federalberghi Isole Eolie

Loredana Salzano biography
Artist and creative designer from the volcanic genius. Born in Campania, she initially attended the workshops of the great ceramists from Campania. For 10 years he lives and works in Lipari, Sicily, where he realizes glazed ceramic works, informal paintings, sculptures with various recycled materials. At the center of his inspiration suspended between sea and volcanoes. Our Lady of the Volcanoes and Alice Attonita are the names with which the artist is known to the general public. Alice Attonita: the only primordial Alice with contemporary problems, a message through which the artist expresses the human dichotomy between contemporaneity and the need to return to a wonderfully simple life. He has participated in various art and design exhibitions and events at national and international level: the Florence Biennial, the Genoa Biennial, the Salerno Biennial, the Filicudi Biennial, the design week in Paris and Milan. He has exhibited in Milan, Rome, Pam and Castel dell’Ovo of Naples, Palermo, Messina, Castel di Tusa in Sicily and in the Aeolian Islands. Awards: II ° Contemporary Art Prize from the province of Messina, 2009. His works are part of several private collections throughout Italy and abroad. Seven ceramic sculptures, as a contemporary transposition of the “Crater” a clear reference to the Volcanic Craters that characterize the territory of the Aeolian Islands will be exposed shortly, in a suggestive installation in the exhibition “Nature is Viral” at Palazzo Scavuzzo -Trigona in Palermo – Italian Capital of Culture – from June to September 2018, on the occasion of MANIFESTA12.


ISOLA – Aeolian Islands
Loredana Salzano 21-28 May 2018

Villa Pignatelli – via Boncompagni 12 in Rome 

Free entry

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 20:00 on booking tel. +39 348 7256902

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