The most important Italian small and medium publishing exhibition, “PIU’ LIBRI PIU’ LIBERI”, becomes adult. It confirms as a big cultural event both for the great audience and for the publishing sector with an international window. The topic of the 18th edition is Europe’s borders, also this year by the suggestive  Roma Convention Center La Nuvola.

The five days Fair, that is growing up more and more, are full of the 520 exhibitors and 670 appointments. An unmissable occasion to listen to the big Italian and international authors, debates, lectures, exhibition and professional operators. The most meaningful figures of the cultural contemporary scenario are here with their interesting participation, take advantage. Not last, you can also attend to the most beloved live radio programs. It is really an offer for all kinds of preferences.

“There is more south than north, moreover mountains do not separate, they are an ancient and thick system of communication.”

Erri De Luca

In the Robinson Arena interesting cultural and social debates follow one another, while the business centre, always more and more important, has 500 square metres for the professional publishing program. Moreover, there is a long program for children based on reading.

“Small and medium editors grow up twice the general market (+6% in 2019) and are 45,9%.”

Press Release Più libri più liberi

Zerocalcare al firmacopie


There is also the Rights Centre for the B2B meetings that hosts the rights exchange with 36 operators from 18 countries: Brasil, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Holland, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Sloven, Spain, United States, Turkey, Ukraine.


Just a suggestion: take your time and program in hand discover unexpected goodies. Just dive into the wraparound atmosphere of the stands and of the rooms in the Nuvola heart, to breath culture. Enjoy your stay.

For further details about the program:

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