NEW IMAIE AWARD – sign up for MArteLive and win the tour of your dreams!

New IMAIE Award, a prize that allows emerging musicians to win € 15,000 to organize a tour in Italy and abroad.
To participate, simply register by October 30, 2018 in the MArteLive competition.
It is an unrepeatable opportunity for musicians to make their music known and to realize the tour of their dreams.


FREE REGISTRATION: 2018 October 30th expiry

Within the BANDO Nuovo IMAIE ART. 7 L. 93/92 YEAR 2018, MArteLive will award a band or a soloist in competition for the 2018 year with a booking contract of € 15,000

This year, participating in the music section of the MArteLive competition will be able to win the Nuovo IMAIE Award, or € 15,000 to spend on organizing a tour of at least eight dates in Italy and abroad.

The common goal of MArteLive and Nuovo IMAIE is to discover emerging musicians and promote them on the Italian music scene, through a tour curated in detail by the booking manager.

For the occasion, the inscription on the music section of the MArteLive competition returns free of charge and will be open for the first time to emerging musicians of all ages, where for emerging we mean:
– Musicians who have not published more than two albums
– Musicians with at least one album released after January 1, 2017
– Musicians with live repertoire composed of 80% of unpublished songs

The winner of the award will be announced on December 17 in Rome, during an evening dedicated to the Nuovo IMAIE Award, which will involve several professionals and professionals of the Italian music scene as jury: eight will be the finalists chosen at national level through a ranking drawn up on the basis of an evaluation of the materials sent, while two will access directly from the regional final MArteLive Lazio.

How to participate:
1. The competition is open to emerging artists, self-taught and to students without
no age limit.
2. Registration for the competition is free. All the artists who sign up will be given the MArteCard, a fidelity card that will give you the opportunity to receive discounts and discounts in the world of art and culture and more.
3. The deadline for registration is set for 24 (Italian) October 30, 2018. The deadline refers to the online registration while the material can be sent no later than one week from the expiry date.

Required documentation:
1. For the purpose of pre-selection, the soloist or group (hereinafter referred to as
band) must send to the e-mail address
– Link to your Soundcloud or other social network with at least 3 songs listenable or alternatively a link to a site where you can download or listen to mp3 (youtube).
– Title and description of the project in .doc format (max one folder) with a brief biographical note of the band in which the name and surname of each member and their role within the band should be indicated. Along with the description attach two photos and a video.
– Three photos of the group / soloist, preferably during a live show.
– Technical sheet (instruments played and logistic arrangement on the stage). In case of failure to send the technical sheet, the organization does not guarantee participation in the live selection of the competition.

2. All works admitted must be strictly original, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. Each participant guarantees the effective authorship of the work.
3. The author also guarantees that the work presented does not entail any rights whatsoever in favor of third parties. The competitors therefore assume every responsibility with respect to the project in relation to possible violations of copyrights belonging to third parties, committing themselves to consider unlawful the Auctioneer, the Organization.

Those in charge of the section will only contact those who will be assessed as eligible for the competition on the basis of the material sent to the email address

Technical specifications:
1. The text of the songs presented can be in any language or dialect. In the case of a foreign language or dialect, the translation of the lyrics is required in Italian.
2. Only ORIGINAL songs must be performed, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. During the evening there may be one and only one cover that is representative of the style of the group.
3. The performances during the final phases must not exceed 30 minutes in duration for each band.
4. Each author is responsible for the work presented and for the dissemination of music protected by copyright.

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