takes start in Rome

For the first months of 2016, each Friday at 19.00hrs, 4 lessons held by renown Chef Antonello Riva, to apprehend the indispensable and essential procedures to a correct approach for method into
Italian and Roman food preparations

In a very fully, top equipped cooking school location, the setting is gifted of numerous individual post placements
at Scuola di Cucina Anna Moroni in Piazzale Clodio, Rome

Italian Chef Antonello Riva shall forward in #four lessons how to prepare and move steps forward into Territory and Roman Cooking

Four Lessons which may be all taken either as individual seminars than as a comprehensive seminar kit in Italian Cooking.

How to make 
SOFFRITTI ( sautèe also with aromatic herbs), ROSOLATURE ( brownings ), FARCIE ( stuffings ), GLASSATURE ( glazes ).During the Cooking Course topics shall be :
PASTA COOKING ( procedures how water, salt, stir fry, till creamy ), traditional sauces and gravies, up to well spreadly known recepies’ history.
Know-how to RISOTTO, MINESTRONE, classics as traditional Italian ZUPPE with legumes and vegetables.
PASTRY PREPARATIONS puff pastries for pies, quiches, etc.
CARNI -cuts, stews, coda alla vaccinara, roasts -as per beef, chicken, lamb.

The Seminar is thought after those whose wish is to start a proper Italian culinary path from its very beginning, by starting off the very first steps into such cooking ‘rules’.
Also, at the very same time, for those whom are yet passionate though wish to improve techniques and, last but not least, for amateurs !

Antonello Riva Executive Chef Cooking School Program is born from a silent deep bond between Anna Mo
roni well known best to Italian tv audiences’ Cooking Program

and his own passion and mastery for Food, Cooking, Training others and Quality ingredients. Anna Moroni makes available to Riva’s Program the space, therefore the scenario, the other the choreography, the orchestra direction and, the Opera !

It is not peculiarly a Course to become Chefs, it is a Cooking Course made up with single individual stages corresponding to main Italian Dining Courses – “ portate …” – to improve oneself, to apprehend, to apprehend better, as per stepping more solidly into anew future life realities and adventures .., both private than work.

At the first pilot appointment dedicated to Roman Traditional Primi -therefore Cacio e Pepe, Gricia, Amatriciana and Carbonara !, Chef Antonello Riva, did not stretch out at all with his own first 12 guests, Chef’s Secrets. Anything but.

In his elegant though vivacious manners and understatement ..” secrets are secrets thereby it is necessary to guard and preserve them, although I wish and do intend to pass them over to you “.
And so he did.

A lively, trenchant, mastery though modest character, and modest is meant in its best adjective significance : he puts everyone and each one in his own complete and full capacity.

The Guests on the first “ Primi “ Friday were of various age and competence, and diverse reasons of being there : a new couple in mature age whom lives and works in the wine and food field, a friends’ couple not even too young in age where the Signora is yet a nonchalant elegant lady of her home, two guys in their 30ies whom did not know each other before, a mother with son, an Italian boy whom intends to go and seek job out of Italy for good and therefore master certain cooking competences for the aim. Three vivacious tourists.

Each home’s dining table is the maximum place for convivium and growth, the sharing and multiplying, together.

And now, each of us, to the Placements !

During the Courses there shall be throughout practice exercises and individual tastings.
Quality ingredients are provided as well as English language interpreter.
The full complete cost of each single session is of €60,00 per person, €100,00 for couples, €200,00 for the entire complete ending with final Certificate of Attendance with signature and specifics by the Top Chef.

Where :
Piazzale Clodio 32, Rome

When :
Friday at 19.00hrs

Bookings at tel. n. (0039) 333.888.78.33

Antonello Riva is an Expert in regional and local cooking; small-medium-large Events Catering Chef; Food & Wine Consultant; Food blogger, Executive Chef.
Considered one of the major experts in his filed, his true vocation is studying the processes and history of ingredients and territories, launch new kitchen brigades and train others. Well known key-figure in restaurants, and hotellerie’s start-ups in Italy and Internationally, appreciated teacher by his pupils, has opened a few restaurants as entrepreneur.
Last but not least, with ARSIAL ( Agenzia Regionale Sviluppo Agroalimentare Lazio ) he is responsible for DOP and IGP European Certifications and has published some cooking books titles – La Cultura dell’Eccellenza, Pasta d’Italia, Le Stelle del Lazio ; while he stands over the Italian peninsula as Major Events’ Tastings and Caterer Maestro, speaks fluent English and excellent French.
Cristiana Di Bartolomeo

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