Quartetto EOS: award-winning Italian talent in the footsteps of Mozart. The video at the Parco degli Acquedotti in Rome


Four award-winning Italian talents under 25 on the trail of Mozart, the enfant prodige.
October 6 sees the release of String Quartet No. 14 in G major K 387, Mov. 1 Allegro vivace assai
in the performance of the Quartet Eos.
Mozart’s notes in the Parco degli Acquedotti in Rome


In 1782 Mozart gave the world the String Quartet No. 14 in G major K 387; in 2021 the first movement of the quartet – Mov. 1 Allegro vivace assai – shines a new light in the performance of four young musicians, the award-winning Eos Quartet. The piece was released on 6 October 2021 on all digital platforms and, on their official Youtube channel, the video clip taken from the performance of the ensemble, winner of the “I love Mozart” category within LAZIOSound, the programme of the Lazio Region Youth Policies to support the production, promotion, distribution and internationalisation of young musicians under 35, is available.

Mozart, musical genius and enfant prodige, composed the String Quartet No. 14 in G major K 387 when he was 26 years old: an Under35 talent ante litteram which is still today a model and inspiration for young musicians all over the world. With the freshness and energy of their youth and with a precise and passionate performance, the Eos Quartet gives new life to one of Mozart’s most daring and experimental compositions, which was born in the palaces of 18th century Vienna, in the video clip it resounds in the Parco degli Acquedotti in Rome like a return to life, in a place where the antiquity of the ruins blends with the pulsating heart of the capital and which symbolically becomes a crossroads between past and future.

“The choice of this repertoire, beyond the purity of expression and clarity of the musical language, was dictated by the significance it may have in relation to the historical period we have lived” the four young talents of the Quartetto Eos declared “A quartet of rebirth, joy, vivacity and colours, elements that we have lacked in the last year and a half. Our aim was to get back to living and being moved by our music in a context where art seemed to have been forgotten. With this quartet we have tried to encapsulate our rebirth and bring it to music.

Formed in 2016 at the Conservatorio S. Cecilia in Rome, the Quartetto Eos is composed of Elia Chiesa (violin), Giacomo Del Papa (violin), Alessandro Aqui (viola) and Silvia Ancarani (cello). The ensemble immediately attracted the attention of the musical world for the freshness and depth of its interpretations, winning numerous prizes in international and national competitions: in 2018 the “Premio Farulli” in the “Franco Abbiati” prize, the first prize at the Orpheus Competition in Winterthur (2020) and the victory in the “I Love Mozart” category in the LAZIOSound competition organised by the Lazio Region.

LAZIOSound is the programme of the Lazio Region Youth Policies to support and strengthen the development of Lazio’s music system through economic instruments, targeted interventions, partnerships and promotional activities aimed at supporting independent young artists.

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