Sanremo 2019, 1st evening: Irama, Berte ‘, Nek, Mahmood compete for the podium!

A first episode was the one in Sanremo 2019, with a large overture, which saw on the stage as many as 39 dancers with the extraordinary choreography of Giuliano Peparini. An edition that sees among the songs in competition those of Nek, Loredana Berte ‘, Irama, Mahmood, among the most’ beautiful and interesting of the Festival, and certainly candidates for the podium, noteworthy also the song by Enrico Nigiotti among the rookies and di Ultimo, winner of the young proposals for Sanremo 2018.A bit ‘disappointing the song by Nino D’Angelo, who knows’ of “past melody”, Patty Pravo in a duet with Briga, not convincing, a myth as Patty Pravo had to present itself, or with an artist of his artistic level!

Il Volo presented a song from the same melodies of the song with which they have already won a festival.The memory of Fabrizio Frizzi by Claudio Baglioni, who says he wanted to be by his side at Sanremo 2018, has been criticized, even though he never called him!
Some technical problems characterized this first episode, where in the performance of Patty Pravo have passed almost 5 minutes of inexorable silence and the intervention of Bisio was not the most happy to cover the inconvenience created at the Ariston!

Scenes of the three conductors a little obvious, between one song and another, notable the performance of the two great guests of the first evening Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia.

In short, a pleasant Festival with listenable songs, the positive note of this 69th edition is the choice of the Artistic Director to focus on the songs, in order to give the right recognition and the right consideration to the true protagonist of the Sanremo Festival: ” the music”.

In any case, Sanremo has represented the great Italian song in the world for 69 years and is the mirror of our musical tradition, of our culture and of our soul as Italianità.

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