Tango: Historias de Astor, the world premiere in Trani

The story of the tango is in Trani. An amazing cast for the world premiere of the opera “Tango – Historias de Astor”, tribute to the legend Miguel Ángel Zotto.ad Astor Piazzolla of Traniese origins.

Long thunderous applause. Thus the audience responded to the first international Tango – Historias de Astor in Trani. A tribute to music, images and dance by tango legend Miguel Ángel Zotto to the great composer Astor Piazzolla. Trani is the city from which the grandfather of Astor, Pantaleone, left for Fortune, looking for Argentina. A passionate journey from the beginnings of life and career of the one who invented the nuevo tango that the greatest bellydancer in the world of this dance wanted to stage with a real “Tango-operita“. Parties recited and sung entrusted to an extraordinary Vera Dragone, actress with a vocal mezzo-soprano, known to the general public to be one of the Ladyvette, the swing trio 50 years, and Guillermo Fernández, the singer, actor and composer famous in Argentina, in addition to a live orchestra of 7 elements, the Tango Sonos.

    Tango – Historias de Astor “boasts a prestigious and international recognition, the high patronage of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is organized by the Cultural In Movement of Trani, under the patronage of the Puglia Region, Tourism Industry Councilorship and cultural, management and enhancement of cultural heritage, of the Municipality of Trani and Casa Argentina, “

Written, directed and choreographed by Zotto, recognized worldwide by fans and critics as a living legend of the tango, who wanted to pay tribute to the one who revolutionized music in the twentieth century, thanks to which this dance has been renewed, emerging from alleys and suburbs to speak an international language, enriching itself with atmospheres typical of the languages ​​of “cultured” music and jazz. A great innovator, Astor P. Piazzolla is considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, he was a reformer of the avant-garde tango and instrumentalist. Zotto is a unique witness, having really known Piazzolla and danced in his “tango operita” Maria de Buenos Aires.

 “The idea of ​​the show – Zotto reveals – was born because Trani is the city of Astor Piazzolla’s grandparents and, for him, Trani was his roots. In this cathedral he kept one of his last concerts in the 80s moved. Therefore, ours is a tribute to the great composer and to Horacio Ferrer, the poet of tango who worked closely with him. So much so that people know more about his life, his story, his music danced and played, enriched with multimedia contributions of photos and videos on a giant screen with the beautiful Romanesque Cathedral in the background. So as to feel it almost physically present on the stage. A dream, as well as a painstaking research work that Piazzolla deserved and that elevates the show to historical work. “

In fact, the image of the great and prolific Argentinian instrumentalist headed silently on the scene.

And then the tersicorean excellence of the dancers. Sinuous, elegant, accompanied by the characteristic and moving sound of the bandoneon. An artistic cast of absolute importance for a compelling and passionate story. Together with the Zotto icon, the extraordinary Daiana Guspero, her dance partner and in life, and another 10 exceptional tangers: Pablo Garcia and Romina Godoy, Facundo Piñero and Vanesa Villalba, Pablo Valentin Moyano and Roberta Beccarini, Juan Manuel Rosales and Liza Rosales , Mariano Navone and Sophia Mira.

The apex of the show, the choral dance on the perfect piece: Libertango.

Trani will continue to dance to the tango binary rhythm until July 15th. The theatrical work, in fact, was the prelude of the Tango Festival this year in its sixth edition that makes fans, tangers and curious people from all over the world converge in the Pearl of the Adriatic.

“The goal – Zotto suggests – is to transform Trani into the capital of Italian tango, given Astor Piazzolla’s ancestry”.

Festival of tango – Trani (BT)

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