A day and a night in San Lorenzo

This popular neighborhood populated by students for those who wants to please, beyond the city museum, fit into an authentic Roman social life. In my opinion it is, as Trastevere and Monti, one of the coolest neighborhoods for going out with friends.
For lunch, I can advise you La Taverne (Largo Degli Osci, 22, 00185 Roma): 2,50e uros the daily special, usually pasta. Followed by a drink on the terrace in front of the church, under the sun. Then I go to PIFEBO, check the news in this vintage shop Via del Volsci 101 / B. And I drink tea at Soul Kitchen .. This address is inescapable: decoration “hipster-but-not-too-much“, cute and friendly staff, good playlist.. I go to work in the afternoon.:
All that for two euros and a pleasant and productive moment: vive Soul Kitchen! 
Then it’s aperitivo time, because as you noticed I’m just thinking about what to eat next. And my favorite of all remains the first one I did in Rome: the Apartment Bar. The rooftop is lovely but inside the bar also worth it. More than the place itself, the quality of the food is extraordinary. I often tell my friends that it is a “gastronomic aperitivo” ..  And no one has been disappointed until now!
Apartment-BarThen you can see a concert, drink cocktails on San Lorenzo place (three bars compete with lower prices) or if you prefer restaurants than aperitivo, here is a adress pretty representative of the neighborhood: Il Pulcino Ballerino, Via degli Equi 66-68
Usually I end the evening at the Bar dei Brutti, primarily for the name of the bar but especially for all the people on the sidewalk: the atmosphere is very friendly.
If your legs are agreed, it is still largely possible to continue the evening after 2am. Le Mura is the ideal place if you like to dance on soul music, remixed quite well, or be placed on big armchairs with a cocktail in hand. Personally, I have not seen much the armchairs.” 

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