Rome is the most green European capital, 68% of of its area consists of parks, gardens and pine forests. Celebrations like the World Environment Day promoted by ONU on the 5th of June remeber us that it is an heritage to enjoy and to save. Villa Pamphili , nearby Gianicolo and Monteverde quarters, is the biggest pubblic park of the city, the bicycle is the best way to go around. 184 green hectare away from the traffic and around an important hystorical abode, Casina del Bel Respiro o Algardi, aristocratic redidence of the Doria Pamphili family very famous in the XVII century, at the moment official attendance of the Italian Government.

Palace, forest and farmstead all in one Villa
If you want to look at some expamples of Roman hystorical, architectonical and landscape beauties, visit this park. Move by bike far and wide, high and low, from Fornaci to Nocetta Street. A pedestrian bridge links the estern part, the richest of buildings and people, to the western one, more unhinabitated and rural, witness of the traditional roman country. The Villa consists of three parts: the palace and the gardens (pars urbana), the pine forest (pars fructuaria), and the farmstead (pars rustica). Calm corners where to read or just take a rest alternates to tree line roads full of runners and bikers. Easy to meet groups of people playing yoga or others open air sports. It is the harbour of children and adults, expecially for the Sunday picknic.

Monuments and events
The Villa, the Theatre House, the Capel, the entrance doors and a Roman necropolis are the buildings partially open, documents of the history of this place. Looking for cultural events you find shows and guided visits that keep these monuments alive. The roseto, the fountains and the architectural ornaments remind of its ancient majesty, still wounderful today, frames of storts events and concerts.
The rare services make this place the meeting point of the quarter people and tourists. Additional services, according to hystorical and environmental references, would make visitable also the most hidden corners of this hearth paradise, a collective heritage of the city. The pleasant discovery is up to you.

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