Looking for a small gift in Rome

Accompanying a friend to look for a special thought, I found myself in Alessandra Calvani’s showroom squeezed between the Trastevere station and Testaccio’s other economy in Rome.
We were looking for a special friend for a gift that would restore her beauty and enhance it to external eyes and Alessandra’s jewels are perfect for this.
For a special woman, unique jewels are needed and those created by the architect Calvani qualify as such at first glance.
The atmosphere of the courtyard where the shop insists is an advance of the lines that accompany Calvani’s work. A concentrate of “beauty and design” not really typical of Roman reality, a breath of international air near the former slaughterhouse. In the courtyards of the Roman palaces there are usually marble and plant fountains that refer to the Baroque while in the courtyard of Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese 81 I seemed to have catapulted myself into Berlin or Paris.
The artist is leaving for Paris there is an exhibition next week that sees artists and designers as protagonists but for the moment he could devote time and attention to us and so we took advantage of it.

Before remembering that I had known the artist in his youth in a very different context, I recognized his distinctive trait in his works …
Her jewels are found around the world, in museums at fairs but having Alessandra who patiently tells us how we got to the choice of that final effect or the nature of the chromatic choice allowed us to choose for the best and to ensure the valuable advice from the architect.
Not wanting to propose a classic interview, I asked for authorization to publish some shots to involve the public and intrigue them to cross the Testaccio bridge to the courtyard of wonders … leaving Calvani showroom, he gave me the gift of the publication made for the twenty years of his professional experience and also here I found friends, architects and Italian beauty all in a splendid package.


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