Assistants by Enrico Vulpiani

Fortunately, Rome still manifests the desire to hear that voice, which every now and then comes up, from those who want to tell their side of thingj, among the jolts of those who live there. In the neighborhood that has always considered prosaic, the great palaces beyond the river, the Teatro Trastevere wanted to give a stage to the show “Assistants” by Enrico Vulpiani. The author and interpreter, with his invention, wants to test his theatrical maturity with the paradoxical and pragmatic spirit that is a characteristic of the eternal city. With a direction that pursues the speed of modern means of communication, the viewer faces the category of parliamentary assistants, a natural junction between the world of work and the world of politics. Thus, having found themselves sharing the same roof, the characters move their contrasts and their disputes from the common condition, in an ironic jumble of profane and short-term ideals.


Directed by Enrico Vulpiani

Teatro Trastevere
March 3, 2019, 9 pm

Via Jacopa de Settesoli, 3
00153 Roma
Tel: +39 06 581 4004

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