Celin Dion launches a “no gender” clothing line for children!

The advertising campaign launched by Canadian pop star Celin Dion on the new line of children’s clothing without sex, called: Celin NU NU NU, which the artist presents, defines it as follows:
“CELINUNUNU, let the children be free from external stereotypes and norms, so that they can give birth to their preferences from within. We help them to be free, creative, inspired, respectful of each and happy in the world ”
So no more ‘blue for boys and pink for girls, but simply black and white, where everyone can’ define its color according to the kind that chooses to be: male or female!
A spot destined to make history and mark a beginning of civilization in which one is finally freed from the “stigmatized gender prison”.

In an evolved society, this process of awareness of one’s own being, and of the right of freedom to feel as one wishes, should be normal!
Unfortunately, due to extremist and obtuse religions, one is still forced to suffer discrimination, which transform the life of a human being into hell, as soon as one becomes aware of one’s sexual inclination.
With this commercial, Celin Dion wants to shout to the whole world that every creature is free to love those who want and feel as they please, without any kind of homologation.
An applause to a great Star of International music that this time gives us a lesson of life and civilization, unprecedented!


CELINUNUNU website: www.celinununu.com

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