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Nuit Blanche | Silk Ribbon Cabaret Team

On February 25th was staged at the Portaportese Theater, the “Comedy Burlesque Show”. 

Another winning episode of the season of BurlAsque Upload powered and conducted by the producer Lizzy Brown. This time on stage a comic cast with the participation of the same. A show interspersed with the magisterial singing and dragging events of the amazing Marty Maraschino. A difficult public on Sunday that the matrix flanked by her colleague and kitten for the occasion Filippo Nanni have been able to tame the best. Between opening gags and Marty’s off-screen voice picking up our kitten intent to draw attention to herself, the curtain opened. 

Lizzy juggles in a triple change of dress in her “Hollywood Machine” jumping from one film to another (2001, Odissea nell’ospazio / Goldfinger / Dr. Zivago) with the intent to transport the audience in a journey through time. His second release, where we see a thief grappling with a rather peculiar stolen goods, will see her engaged in a “Mission Impossible” with a decidedly “liquid” taste. In the order, then arrives to enchant the public, the “national tortellina”, the superb Nuit Blanche that from the Silk Ribbon Cabaret Team transports from the north all the abundance and the local “gozzoviglia” on the stage of Portaportese, first with a showgirl act that literally it reels among its fans, then with the award-winning “Snowflake”, the historical evergreen of the performer. A riot of irreverence and laughter.

In chiusura, lei, quella sirena fuxia dal capello biondo Marylin, la sfrontatezza comica del burlesque direttamente dalla Golden Eggs Burlesque Revue Cocò Le Mokò. Preso il testimone dal passato appuntamento di BurlAsque Upload dal collega Azzurro Fumo, la performer romana ci regala risate e non poco di sano imbarazzo in sala alla vista di una zuppa del tutto singolare, fatta con amore ma vero amore…proprio il suo, ovvero il suo defunto marito e relativi pezzi. Una casalinga decisa, più che disperata il cui spunto deriva proprio da quella volontà di prendere in giro la classe borghese americana anni ’50 che ritroviamo in MADMEN. Per concludere un comedy show che si rispetti,  Cocò regala un’ultima grande ondata di comicità con la sua performante “Catastrofìca”, ormai amata e già osannata per la maestria con cui gli “occhiali alla Filini” si coniugano perfettamente con un bel boa candido ed elegante. In closing, her, that fuzzy mermaid by the blond hair Marylin, the comical boldness of the burlesque directly from the Golden Eggs Burlesque Revue Cocò Le Mokò. Taking the baton from the past appointment of BurlAsque Upload by colleague Azzurro Fumo, the Roman performer gives us laughter and not a little of healthy embarrassment in the hall at the sight of a very unique soup, made with love but true love … just his, or his late husband and relative pieces. A resolute housewife, more than desperate whose starting point derives from that desire to make fun of the American bourgeois class of the ’50s that we find in MADMEN. To conclude a respectable comedy show, Cocò gives a last big wave of comedy with its performing “Catastrofìca”, already loved and already hailed for the skill with which the “Filini glasses” are perfectly combined with a beautiful white boa.

The review of BurlAsque Upload continues and the next appointment is scheduled for 25/03/2018 at the Teatro Portaportese for “Carnival Forneus” with the participation of the company Grand Guignol de Milan. 

The show was curated by BurlAsque Upload (, a production dedicated to burlesque, cabaret and theater in general bearing the signature of Lizzy Brown.

Teatro Portaportese
Via Portuense, 102
00153 Roma
Tel: 06 581 2395



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