Cat toys DIY, do it yourself

Do you like to build toys for your cat? It is a passion that many people experience  precisely because of the liveliness and the preparation that this animal possesses for new things that we give it between his legs, he explores with his curiosity and indulges in fun stunts. Let’s see how to create toys for funny cats and able to do it to impress, but also be able to keep him in training testing reflexes and intelligence.

Cat toys here many ideas for fun

How about making a nice obstacle course to train your cat? This is one of the most fun games for cats and ideal to make them jump, hide and sneak even in the most unlikely places. To accomplish this game use of cardboard tubes and coat them of rough cloth, then built together to obtain an articulated structure. Pay attention to the size, mind you should get in your cat! In an open wall create a vertical path and you will see as you climb.Much fun is also the cat tree, one of the most popular games for cats because it is useful to make filing their nails, a dangerous little game that threatens to ruin furniture and sofas. You can create thus a good scratching post to save your home: The simplest way to build is to cut strips or cardboard cutouts to be assembled together and make the rough profiles become an area suitable to be stormed by your feline friends. And what about the fake prey with which your cat loves to play and mess around? Made some very simply: you take the items you need not rivestili with scraps of cloth, such as corks, socks to stuff, and other objects that make noise. The cat will launch on them thinking they are prey, and in addition to amuse the children also is an activity that keeps them in constant training.Cat toys: solutions for your friendly feline

There are many nice ideas to create games very funny cats and DIY. A very nice game that your cat will love to chase is made using scraps of cloth. Fixed with needle and thread the cloth strips to a stick and you dangle a string. Another cute little game is to be implemented with the ball of yarn. Take a colored yarn that no longer serves you and throw it across the room. Your cat will be launched immediately after him, and in the meantime will roll and will rise again and again. See it will be truly a fun show! Another game to realize is the glove with pendants: you need an old glove and on it you have to sew the pieces of colorful fabric. Take five strands of string and sew on the glove, one finger, and toe attached small cute items like a doll, a little bell a spool of thread. Then move it before the eyes of the cat and you will see who will try to catch everything that you put at the end of the twine. Among the games for cats do very sympathetic you is also the cardboard castle, to be implemented with cardboard to be recycled or, if you have a lot of patience and you are also very skillful with plywood. Made a house with several floors, with little doors and windows, so that it can browse and explore the building. If you are skilled at crocheting, create a nice little mouse crochet, then imbottitelo with scraps of cloth, add a chain to make the tail and buttons to form eyes.

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