Julius Cesar: honor, power and friendship at the Globe Theatre

The Shakesperian classic “Julius Cesar”, directed by a modern  Daniele Salvo, is on the Globe Theatre stage from September 20  until October 6. Actions develop among the dark and gloomy Roman streets. 14 actors, 12 figures and 30 latex masks reproduce the story handed down by Plutarco first and then from Shakespeare, finally from Salvo.


“The conspirators are empty men, indecipherable, similar to wax casts. They are very fragile creatures, victims of night fears and terrors, victims of destiny. Julius Cesar is a powerful, supernatural creature who changed, cancelled and multiplied features. Power upsets minds and sweeps sowls.”
Daniele Salvo, Regista


Prevailing emotions are lust for power, yearning for freedom and fickleness of the people, rhetorics as manipulation device (the wonderful Marc’Antonio speech), friendship (between Bruto and Cassio) and love (between Bruto and Porzia, Cesare and Calpurnia), participant and inexorable destiny.


Highest power identifies with the mask. Yesterday but also nowadays power leads the actions of many. We thing one and the other are the same. The actor who enrols Giulio Cesare is Ottaviano in the second part, no difference between old and new. Costumes refer to Classical Rome without any contemporariness. The light design reproduces a dark Rome, furious storm, sudden lights, weak torches symbols of the deep dark inside where all the Giulius Casaer characters are.

“It is a “theatrical dream” made of strictness, necessity, seriousness and determination. …. There is a research of immediate language, that investigates about deep motivations of a verse, a beat, they look for true feelings the relationship between the actor and what he says.”
Daniele Salvo, Regista


A powerful and effective performance, also thanks to evocative music and alive songs, addictive until perturbation. Men, masks and spectra are parts of the same battle, but at the end, destiny prevails upon everything and everybody.

Artistical cast
Giulio Cesare / Cesar’ spectrum / Ottaviano:
Massimo Nicolini
Trebonio / Lucilio / soldato:
Alberto Mariotti
Metello Cimbro / Cicerone / soldato:
Simone Ciampi
Artemidoro / Pindaro / soldato:
Giuseppe Nitti
Indovino / Cinna poeta / soldato:
Simone Bobini
Gianluigi Fogacci
Portia – Il Destino:
Melania Giglio
Decio Bruto / Lepido / Messala:
Francesco Biscione
Giacinto Palmarini
Graziano Piazza
Carlo Valli
Calpurnia / soldato:
Flavia Mancinelli
Cinna / Titinio / soldato:
Andrea Romero
Lucio / Stratone:
Alessandro Guerra
Plebeians, soldiers, messenger, slaves:
Massimiliano Auci, Antonio Bandiera, Andrea Carpiceci, Micol Damilano, Matteo Magazzù, Alessandro Marmorini, Dimitrios Ioannis Papavasileiou, Riccardo Parravicini, Daniele Ronco, Roberta Russo, Giorgia Serrao, Giovanni Tacchella, Luca Viola, Francesca Visicaro
Alive songs by:
Melania Giglio

Technical Cast
Daniele Salvo
Deputy Director:
Alessandro Gorgoni, Alessandro Guerra
Daniele Salvo
Scenes movemnts:
Fabiana Di Marco
Marco Podda
Daniele Gelsi
Technical direction:
Alessandro Fioroni
Lights design:
Umile Vainieri
Audio design:
Franco Patimo
Michele Guaschino e Makinarium di Leonardo Cruciano
Scene battles:
Antonio Bertusi
Press Office:
Cinzia D’Angelo

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