The magic wand that defeats the invisibility of cancer cells is in the hands of an Italian abroad!

Is Davide Ruggero that in these days makes the Italian news in the world. A native of Catanzaro, today, he is a leader of the University of California researchers’ team in San Francisco who became famous for a recent publication on Nature Medicine on the subject of the fight against cancer.

The team of researchers led by Prof. Ruggero has already successfully tested the experience of research and the show to defeat the liver tumoure. It is a protein from PD-L1 tumor cells that creates an immune system that neutralized until now the attack of the immune system. The product was to destroy pairs of DNA instructions to build this protein and then access the immune system to attack the tumor cells after intercepting them

The professor Ruggero and his staff are optimistic to continue the research and find solutions and drugs for aggressive tumors such as colon, lung and lymphoma. The translation is automatically generated by the system

Davide Rugero is full professor at the Cancer Center of the University of California in San Francisco (Ucsf). He graduated at the scientific high school “Fermi” of Catanzaro Lido and attained his degree with 110 cum laude in Biological, Molecular and Cell Sciences at the University La Sapienza of Rome. He represents a “brain on the run” from Italy, who emigrated to America when he was 34 years old.

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