Selen’s conversion from pornstar to happy mother!

Selen, aka Luce Caponegro, began her career in the world of Hard at just 20 years, starting as a game and for pure exhibitionism, as she herself said: “to embark on a porn career for me means transmitting my passion for exhibitionism and the fact of considering sex as an act of rebellion towards the conformist society in which we live “.

These statements at the beginning took her away, making her become in the 90s “one of the most famous and beloved pornstars in Italy and in the world, so much to win in those same years 17 career awards as a porn actress!

She retires from porn in 1999, at the height of her success, and does so with a latest film called “Millenium” that immortalizes her forever as Pornodiva!

Video interview

In the early 2000s he participated in a multitude of television programs as a guest of honor, thanks to the fame that was created as Pornostar … until he had a sudden spiritual conversion that made her completely and completely withdraw from the scenes, with a public announcement that upset public opinion and the world of porn: “The choice of making porn turned out to be a huge mistake, a dark, dark, almost gothic world.

It was bad to see Eastern girls forced into extreme sex for six hours on a whim of the director, with a scene earning a year’s pay in Budapest. The squalor, the drug … But it also circulates in the TV where there is more hypocrisy than in the hard. I did everything in the light of the sun. I had a halt contract, the last times were a torture, the transgression had become a hateful job. I had to make films when I wanted to stop, trying to build what I always wanted, a family »And today, in fact, Selen, has a beautiful family and is a happy mother, opened a beauty center in Ravenna, in his city and sporadically makes disco nights as a DJ!

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