The Roman artist BOL colors with his works new spaces in Centocelle

The Roman outskirts is colored by new works, it is the turn of Centocelle where BOL signs an important space at the center of the social life of the district, contributing to a new aesthetic of the spaces close to the shopping center Primavera.








The work represents the writers who write “100celle” and “primavera”, replacing their name (the most important thing they have) to the place they are painting identifying themselves with the best part of the neighborhood, the part that takes care of it by improving it. Other characters happily live their social life and interpersonal relationships within the work, just as I would like it to be in the streets of Centocelle. If a better world begins when we improve ourselves, I hope this work fits into this path and also enhances all the common spaces in which we spend our lives giving positive examples.

BOL has always led, in its production, to what it considers the best legacy of the ’70s, the idea of ​​a happy world, possible and in which above all knowledge is accessible to all, without distinction. So we asked Pietro Maiozzi, BOL in art, to tell himself about RomeCentral during his event.

How is your stylistic research born?
At the base of my stylistic research there is the desire to improve myself and to improve all that surrounds me through the communication of issues that are developed above all in the social sphere. Everything comes from the name I chose to represent myself, the BOL tag, which I chose by browsing through the paper phone directory looking for a short name. The tag, in fact, is the starting point for those who do writing (one of the four disciplines dell’HipHop together with MCing at the Djing and Break dance) and writes his name with the spray in what the non-professionals call ” graffiti art “.

How has it developed over the years?
I started writing in January 1990 when this “discipline” in Rome had very few active people and I still practice it today with the same jovial spirit of the past. There was no talk of streetart, but the desire to interact with the road and its users was read on the walls since the streets and common spaces have existed.








Starting from the graphic elaboration of the letters that make up my tag, I have developed different representational abilities. These representations, combined with the need to have a more powerful means of expression, led me to elaborate a character who could speak in my place. And to represent me visually.





Among your characters parrots and tubismi.
What distinguishes them? And what do they want to communicate?

The passage from the letters to the tubes (elongated shapes as to represent imaginary paths) arose from the need to better understand the chiaroscuro, the lights and the shapes while LALLO the parrot began to express itself first with symbolic cartoons, then with real words in their own balloon . With the arrival of LALLA the parrot the couple of animals that repeat everything I want represents me in full and is the best tool to which I entrust my positive messages: those of brotherhood, respect for living beings and all that can make us live this period serenely with others.

What does the Primavera Shopping Center project represent for you?
The project of the Primavera Shopping Center is part of the places I love, growing in Centocelle I’ve seen the evolution from the ’70s to today, and I was happy to still be able to give something to the inhabitants that I feel particularly close. Sociologically, the shopping centers today represent the new meeting places that, although different from the old bars or the squares I frequented as children, still satisfy the need of people. Shopping for many is not just the time to supply goods, but also a moment of confrontation and sociability for which they feel the need. Inserting my works in this place is very similar to making them on the street just for this.






The freedom that was granted to me in the design – together with the sharing of objectives common to the shopping center and the availability of managerial staff, surveillance and technical staff – made me able to realize a work very similar to what I wanted for my neighborhood that I’ve been in touch with and interact with since I was born.

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