Route from Sacrofano to Formello by Ammappalitalia

Roma-Lazio_percorso_route-Sacrofano-Formello_portaShort and pleasant path that allows you to quickly reach the center of Formello.

difficulties: for tourist
duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
nature: 75%
walking: walking bike
Region: Lazio

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From the historic center of Sacrofano, passing through the narrow Via Cadorna way out the door of the country, continuing on the SP10 and then turn to Via del Vicoletto, after an inn. A few meters further on, after passing the entrance to the headquarters of the Park of Veii, continue on Via Castelnuovo di Porto. At a junction with a house between the two roads, choose the left towards Via Fontana Mancina. To a clearing, turn left on Via del Casaletto. After a few hundred yards on the left will take Via Monte Patrick.

Once you emerge on Provincial Road 10, walking along a few meters to the left, until you reach Via di Monte Sarapollo (signposted Park of Veii, Court).

Immediately after reaching the sports field, past a gate, the starting point of the path in the park (corresponds to the path n ° 13 on the map of the trails).

It drops quickly to a large lawn, often frequented by herds of horses and cows in the pasture, until you see an old fountain with a large hydraulic pump to the wind, now disused and rusty (see photo).

Arriving at the top of the clearing, go left along the forest, up and enter the path, bordered by wooden fences. It passes through a beautiful mixed woodland, with a clear predominance of oaks.

After a few yards into the woods, near a T-junction, go right, soon to reach the gate at the end of the path (see photo).

We are on Formellese (SP12 / a): continue for a few hundred yards to the left direction Formello (attention to the cars, you have to walk along side the road, with no pedestrian crossing). After about 1 km turn on the right turn onto Via Castelli. It ‘a very quiet street that allows us to abandon the Provincial Road.

We return finally to the Provincial for the last stretch. After 350 meters, and a few hairpin bends we are finally out of the walls of Formello.

Mapped on June 6, 2014 for Ammappalitalia by The Nettle Cultural Association