Pylades by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pilade_pier-paolo-pasolini_teatro-Vascello-RomaAt the Teatro Vascello a play by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pylades, written between 1966 and 1970, on stage until 1 May 2016. Pylades is a tragedy now revisited at the Teatro Vascello in Rome by the director Daniele Salvo.
For the director, driving the company ” La fabbrica dell’attore (the actor’s factory)”, is the natural result of a Pasolini project already started with “We are all in danger,” a show that takes its cue from the title of the last interview given by Pasolini to Furio Colombo on 1 November 1975.
With “Pilade”, Pasolini reads the ‘”Oresteia”, the representation of a play on the ferocity of the power by which it achieves a breakthrough in Pasolini’s poetry.

Silent Shadow of Orestes, Pylades becomes dominant leader in its unstoppable rise to power up to take the scene completely.
The goddess of Athena “reason”  will lead to a sharing Oreste future.
His sister Electra condemns this transition from tyranny to democracy.
The power over the city shared with the people, it will Argo city of the future?
The shy Pylades, discreet and silent friend of Orestes, will try to shake the torpor of a “reason” (Athena) to him impossible.
E ‘useless … .. because the “false” Orestes revolution is now reality!
Pilade remain alone in his protest, elaborating its contradictions
love for Electra.

Pasolini is identified in Pilade as an advocate of the poor, the excluded, the “different”.
How Pilades expelled from Argos, the author has the world against him.
The strength and the energy of the representation are unleashed in waves from the stage and impress the audience with broadsides of emotions.

by Pier Paolo Pasolini, director Daniele Salvo, Produtione La Fabbrica dell’Attore Teatro Vascello

Characters and interpreters
PILADE:Elio D’Alessandro
ORESTE:Marco Imparato
ELETTRA:Selene Gandini
ATENA:Silvia Pietta
FARMER / OLD MAN: Simone Ciampi
BOY: Michele Costabile
MESSANGER: Francesca Mària
SOLDIER: Simone Bobini 
WOMAN: Claudia Benassi
STRANGER: Piero Grant
EUMENIDI: Elena Aimone, Sara Aprile, Claudia Benassi, Paola Giglio, Melania Fiore, Francesca Mària 
CORUS: Elena Aimone, Sara Aprile, Claudia Benassi, Simone Ciampi, Michele Costabile, Melania Fiore, Paola Giglio, Piero Grant, Francesca Mària, Sara Pallini

music Marco Podda
actor coach Melania Giglio
costumes Nika CampisiClaudia Montanari
director assistan Alessandro Gorgoni
thank to Fabiana di Marco


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