Route at Marta – Tuscania by Ammappalitalia

DSCN1487-800x600“Panta rei” the greek Heraclitus said , ” Everything flows ” : the becoming and change. Yet to understand this eternal truth there is an even more effective than mention it in a speech , as he always does. This way is to walk for hours along the banks of a river and never leave them , because the trail runs along with the fidelity almost did not want to betray them .

Walking by the river then scroll through the landscape along with its water, go in the same direction . Marta then , with his friend name , it becomes a traveling companion with whom to talk about anything and everything . With which to ascertain , as if we did not know that nothing is stable and that there is always a sea over us to get lost forever.

The path

From Piazza Umberto I of Marta go to the lake and turn right along ( Public Gardens Engineer Damian Previtali ) . We’ll get to meet so the river Marta ( at this height closed some of the river remind us with an anecdote of Dante’s place , Photo ), and we will follow the right bank. It will be our traveling companion to Tuscania final destination.

After a brief cross the street car and we’ll see from here a dirt path . This leads to the Garden of Cannock (photo) and after a brief meets the road “martana” that must be taken  left for about 500 meters , then at the height of a house have abandoned (photo) and a gate which introduces a beautiful villa over the hill , turn right (sign farmhouse I pontoons ) .

Near the mill (photo) the Marta runs faster , producing impressive rapids . Arriving at the farm (photo ) our street turn right uphill and go after hill , until you come to a small square with an information panel which remains comfortable and that, after a few meters, a jumper on the left , that we must not cross .

The road ahead , we will split and turn left , still along the river Marta. After a good stretch we shall go away a little from the shore and we’ll see from a hill , a large landscape: on the left the caldera of Vico Lake , Viterbo, San Martino al Cimino and then the Tolfa Mountains . Our street is nice and long , through meadows and hills mild. When we come back to martana ( street machine ) take it to the right for a few meters and then turn left to the  Castellaccio Farm .

After this farm there are to the left of the falls Salumbrona . Council to ask the owners to leave them there to see ( there are dogs and is otherwise dangerous) because they are a real show (photo).

Going straight ahead you find a gate (which should always be open) and that is exceeded, then turn right at the height of a structure of the hydroelectric power plant (photo). Going for the easy and obvious path will reach Pian di Mola, Etruscan archeological site and on the adjacent hill is possible to see the Tomb of the nut (photo).

After crossing the bridge over the creek tarmac Maschiolo you can visit , with a detour to the left ( after the bridge and left again ) the archaeological area of the ladders . Going to the right instead through a secondary road , you come to the Tuscania and to welcome the ancient Via Clodia (photo).

Mapped on March 27, 2014 by The Eraclitei
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