Saturday afternoon in Via Mantova

On the last Saturday of August in Rome, I was lucky enough to meet the creator of The Mirror Stage, Max Brini.
My Saturday at the end of the summer was soon transformed into “A special day” at Ettore Scola.
The elegance and style of the men’s shoe store, in Via Mantova, reminded me Marcello Mastroianni as an icon of men’s elegance.

To refine the masculine effect of cure, it is the essence of the leather that welcomes you just over the entrance.
Talking to Brini and sharing the enthusiasm for the project behind this unique place of mind was very interesting.
During a London sabbatical year, this Milanese manager, managed to combine two important concepts for him in the Roman store. The English taste for beautiful things and that specialization that is defined as a niche of the market. In London, he says the young entrepreneur, “is full on the streets of Soho or on Brick Lane of these small retail super specialized points, almost manic, type: Only bicycle saddles.”

It is in Rome for Love, Brini, with capital A, because the market choice is addressed to the public who appreciates and lives “The Great Beauty” of a beautiful, somewhat decadent, lived city, but always as elegant as its shoes .

They sell men’s shoes in Via Mantova, only for men.

A thing for males who want elegance in any context without ever denying comfort, with a priceless quality relationship if one considers that a shoe must be eternal for a man. The mirror stage products are. They are solid shoes made by Italian craftsmen who Brini chooses because he has tried and approved the product according to his taste.

The association with Mastroianni I did then I, if from a terrace of a building in Via Mantova I saw fluttering clothes and took these pictures. The shop is not just a showcase of men’s shoes, it has an on-line catalog and a lot of instagram followers but I recommend personal experience. My partner also has to experience this experience dedicated to himself, I would not want to deprive him of these emotions.

At Via Mantova 42, I do not buy anything for my buddy, I hope I have enough entourage for wanting to go to The Mirror stage to see if it’s worth it.

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