Archaeological space of the Stadium of Domitian Show / Event “Chronicles of Time”

Agglomerato 9 - 70x70 cm - C-Print su D Bond 1997. Foto di Giacomo Costa

Agglomerato 9 – 70×70 cm – C-Print su D Bond 1997. Foto di Giacomo Costa

The art, architecture, culture are unique, there are divisions within them.
The savory ingredients that lead to the exhibition event “Chronicles of Time”prepared in a archeology space, opened recently, the Stadium of Domitian in Rome, is a concrete example of how the drive towards the future can only move their steps from the original elements.
The exhibition event accepts the concept of time in the round.
A historical time, where the restoration of the ruins of an ancient Roman stadium located about 4 meters below street level, are reborn an archaeological area covered but full of natural light, with plenty of space engineers made from local neighbors, among the most striking the Eternal City, where the conservative intervention no alterations intrusive.
A contemporary time, what flows in watches Parmigiani Fleurier, Swiss House of Haute Horlogerie, attentive to the expressions of the
contemporary, and indefinitely time, or if we want a timeless time, what emerges from the works of imaginative Giacomo Costa, Florentine artist , born in 1970, welcomed in museums and biennials around the world, who borrows for the creation of his works, representations of contemporary agglomerations and megacities, where archaic elements and natural merge in snapshots abstract, digital techniques of the cinema’s world.
Between lounge and underground setting, the discreet and efficient food and wine reception, in full harmony with the host space, path,
prepared in a natural way, complying with the geometry of the environments, allows to extricate easily between the works of ‘artist,
the jewels of the Swiss House and the display cases containing faithful reproductions of Roman armor and trappings original, the
permanent exhibition, revealing event management flawless.
The hope is that this example of combining art and architecture of the past with the contemporary world, in its various manifestations,
including food and wine, is not an isolated project but, suggests initiatives that could over time enhance the entire assets at our
disposal, together with the dissemination of new recognized forms of contemporary art.


Una mostra fotografica di Giacomo Costa dedicata al concetto di tempo: immagini visionarie di metropoli sospese nel tempo, con stratificazioni del passato che riaffiorano nel presente è stata aperta a Roma dal 19 al 23 novembre 2024


Museo – Stadio di Domiziano Art Museum
Address: Via di Tor Sanguigna, 00186 Roma
Phone: +39 06 4568 6100

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