An almost perfect toast, a theatre black comedy

An almost perfect toast is a funny play that tackles with refined intellectual game topics such as taboo removed like: sex, persecution of Jews, Hitler, sex education, homosexuality, war.
The scenes admirably respect the original script, in which the black comedy fits in the Anglo-Saxon tradition such as The Lady-killers and Arsenic and Old Lace.

The music that interleave between one scene and the other helps to get the viewer into the atmosphere of the theme of the evening, in which different

values are intertwined. The protagonists claim freedom of ideas in a period greatly hampered by a conservative climate, hostile to easy costumes.
The plot apparently very simple, describes the contradictions of those times which however are still current in present days.

The main characters, five friends who live together, are thus inevitably upset in knowing political and cultural ideas so different from theirs. They lived in a quiet limbo until characters who are opposed to their “firm ideas” do not enter their home and their emotional life.

There is no shortage in the scenes of representations of inner conflicts such as repentance for the gestures performed (the killing of the various guests at the table from week to week) and the difficulty of keeping together the secret of the murders that took place in that house. The engaging scene of the “American” sheriff woman who turns around the audience with a torch at night is always interesting and fun, always ready to follow the trail of the murderer, a woman who does not give up on the group’s fake alibis while trying to hide their

cruelties from poor unfortunate guests ….. but in the end she is also murdered. Unexpected ending: for a pure chance two of the group come to know an important political exponent with very conservative ideas … what better occasion to poison the guest? And instead, a twist and turn, the five protagonists gather to discuss the fate of poor Norman, and choose not to kill him, because in the end, Norman could represent the good soul who wants to redeem the social equality of the people.

But ………….. and here the great finale …  black comedy!


(An almost perfect toast)

Comedy inspired by the film The Last Supper of 1996 and the tradition of British black comedy

Directed byDaniele Marcori

With Chiara Baldovini, Roberto Bonin, Gloria Di Noto, Serena Rossi, Richi Rossini. And with Simone Congedo, Giorgio Serrilli, Gabriella Tumbarello.
With the kind participation ofGiulia Bornacin.
Scenography ofdi Deborah Fedrigucci.

We are in the United States, in the State of Iowa, where five “progressive” friends organize cultural dinners to meet and discuss each week with a different guest. One evening, however, something goes wrong and the dead man runs away. A perverse mechanism then starts in the mind of the five friends and thus begins a “revolutionary project” that will drag the group into a tragicomic spiral with uncertain results.


Teatro Le Maschere
Via Aurelio Saliceti, 3
00153 Roma RM
(Trastevere district)

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February 2018 at 21.00

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  1. Insomma, a leggere la recensione viene proprio voglia di andarlo a vedere. Sembra quindi uno spettaclo ben riuscito, con musiche adeguate, attori in gamba e colpi di scena. Peccato che sia in cartellone per così pochi giorni!

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