Ursula Cavalcanti, the Pornstar who filmed the Sanremo festival

Ursula Cavalcanti, the Pornstar, who filmed a scandal, set in motion
at the Sanremo festival!

Italian pornstar, born as a stripper in clubs without Italians and brought to success by directors of high level of the Hard movies, as Silvio Bandinelli and Mario Salieri, memorable his interpretation in the films “Mom” and “Years of lead”, which was’ the first Italian porn film of the 90s “in which it was possible to follow the beackstage of the filming of the film live on the web!
In the following years was immortalized as Porno Star undisputed in another major porn film, which caused ‘a stir and noise at the national level, the film was called “Festival” and was shot entirely in the location of the Sanremo Festival! The Preview of the film was presented concurrently with the singing event a few meters from the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, attracting an extraordinary publicity, on that occasion the director Bandinelli declared to the press:
“We can say that imagination has surpassed reality.When we chose the characters of the film, it came to our mind that we could have the tenor Passerotti in. At the time, Pavarotti, as a possible co-presenter of the Festival, had not yet spoken “.
Ursula Cavalcante remains for all Italians passionate about porn cinema Made in Italy, one of the best and most representative actresses, who died in 2005 following a lung cancer that left him no respite, despite Ursula’s determination to react to disease and to fight, as it had always been in its strong and rebellious character!
Her end was in a tragic way, like many other Italian pornstars loved by the public, the fable and the dream of Ursula Cavalcanti!

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