Parisian’s view on romans parcs

Fiore_cerisier_japonais“Only Paris is worthy of Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris.”
“Solo Parigi è degna di Roma; solo Roma è degna di Parigi.”
But not for green spaces ..

Often people asks me into these two cities which one I prefer; I always answer, cowardly, that the comparison is not possible, “too different”.In truth, I didn’t know, before living in Rome, than nature could have a fundamental part in the square of the city.
Paris has its parks, Rome has the nature. In fact, in Paris, the nature is increasingly urbanized and complex, just think about the Parc du Luxembourg: visibly, obviously work from the hand of man.
I wrote this article from Museo Orto Botanico between Trastevere and the Gianicolo, comtempla of specimens around the world gathered in the collection. But I don’t have the sensation to be at the Museum.
The exception would be in Paris les jardins d’Albert Kahn in which is a “blue forest”: it is natural to walk back up to the visit of gardini French, English, Japanese …
The Japanese garden of the Museo Orto Botanico is really the only part of the park (except for greenhouses) where the technique of gardeners is exposed. For the rest, we do not doubt about the maintenance of the park, but we see only the Nature – and it’s perfect.
Orto_botanico_RomaParco della Caffarella is amazing: we are in the countryside. Here’s a video of a trip made by bicycle:

It is not in the center of Rome, but in the capital anyway! Unable to Paris … If you’re in the area, is also a good opportunity to walk on and the very long and beautiful Via Appia Antica. It is not a park, I know, but the impression to be in another context is extraordinary:
Appia-Antica_RomaI would end up on the many and varied Villa (Borghese, Tornolia, Doria Pamphili…) scattered throughout the city, rich in history and lush vegetation. These are usually places where there are all kinds of activities: I invite you to ask and remain vigilant .. in this time of year where the green spaces are the most pleasant place to be!”

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