Cycling along the Tiber

bicitevere06 bicitevere04 If  you love bicycling, Rome hides a surprise for you: beyond traffic and a lot of confusion you can find two different cycling tracks in the heart of the town. The routes are quite suggestive because they lead you to discovering the Tiber.


The first track runs from Ponte Sublicio (close to Viale Trastevere) to Ponte Marconi and ends up at Ponte della Magliana. The second track (12 km) is in the northern part of Rome: from Ponte Risorgimento to Ponte Milvio and up to the Castel Giubileo dam. This is a good bike route if you want to discover the Roman countryside with its sheep out to pasture, Etruscan tombs, and other archaeological ruins.

bicitevere03Despite bad maintenance of the routes, this outing is really worth doing. We have some advice for your trip however: water facilities are available at the beginning and end of the northern track, while food supplies are not, so it’s better to get something to eat in advance.


A new cycling track is planned but it’s not ready yet. It will connect the two existing routes, so that people will be able cycle along the river, following the Tiber’s flow. In the meantime you can visit the only Tiber urban oasis situated between the two actual tracks. It was created in 1989 in the heart of Rome, at Lungotevere delle Navi (close to Ponte Matteotti) beside the Navy Department. It’s reachable by bus (495, 628, 204, 926) and by tram (2). This oasis (5,000 square meters) ‘ managed by WWF ‘ preserves the alien and typical native Tiber flora and fauna: willow-trees, laurels, poplars, elms, marsh-reeds; and moreover, royal gulls, peewit gulls, kingfishers, cormorants, robins, nightingales, and white pipits.
Then, what are you waiting for’ let’s enjoy your week-end discovering the beauties of nature, and staying in Rome!

For info and visit:
Oasi Urbana del Tevere – WWF Lazio ‘ Phone: 06 84497206; Email:

by Simona Nicolosi

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