Hard icon of the 90s: italian pornostar Barbarella

Many will remember her in the film “Little Red Riding Hood”, a hot version of the homonymous fairy tale!I have a unique and extraordinary memory of this woman, to whom, for over 20 years, I have been bound by a great and sincere friendship.We spent whole days together, walking, having fun, telling anecdotes about our lives and sharing life experiences, we had a fraternal bond, which allowed me to be close to her and to support her even in the darkest moments of her life… I remember her great fragility of mind, her goodness and her altruism…

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Barbarella had a spontaneity that made her true and irreplaceable! His was a difficult world, as for all the Pornstars that come to great success, an environment full of envy, antagonism, continuous struggles to stay on the podium, and shady environments where they were the bosses of prostitution, drugs and alcohol!Barbarella, like many other Hard Dive, have gone through all these harsh realities, realities that change their lives forever!

These are the dark years of Barbarella… the years of professional decadence but above all of the human one, as a person… his sensibility and desire for absolute freedom, which characterized his rebellious and unconventional character, took shape from a experience of her past, when she was still a child, terrible!In fact, he was the victim of sexual violence by his father! This story is the sign ‘for life! He told me that since a child after every violence suffered, his father gave her money with which to buy clothes… with this model of commodification of the body, Barbarella has grown and has approached the world of hardwood! Discovered by Riccardo Schicchi, in the 80s “, achieved its success in the early 90s”, working alongside Pornodivi as Rocco Siffredi and Roberto Malone and Pornostar as Moana Pozzi and Ilona Staller.

Barbarella also appeared as a politician, in the Love party with Moana Pozzi, and participated in various television programs, from Avanzi, with Serena Dandini to Ciao Darwin with Paolo Bonolis, also taking part in some films for the cinema as Simpatici & Antipatico with Cristian de Sica and Extreme Love for the direction of Maria Martinelli.Barbarella was considered an icon of the Gay World, beloved and hated by the whole GLBT community, took part in every Gay Pride in Rome!Memorable his participation as a protagonist in my musical “Adam and Eve”, where she “undressed” the role of Eva in the theater!

I still remember the first of the opera… where in the middle of the show the police broke into the theater and was reported for obscene acts in a public place! Just because she was naked to play the role of Eva!! Barbarella was a vegetarian, practiced Buddhism and had a degree in medicine, a very intelligent and prepared woman, and when she could she was always ready to reach out to those in need. Now retired from the world of hardwood since the early 2000s, he dedicated himself to work as a physiotherapist and to do some hosted on TV and in discos as a guest, in 2010 I propose to become one of the official faces of gay tv, Canal G, of which I was the creator and artistic director, the last work he did as an artist… until he completely withdrew into the most absolute silence in the last years of his life, where he died at only 52 years of age, December 3, 2015, due to a incurable disease that afflicted it for years!His death remains shrouded in mystery, like that of his colleague and friend of all time, Moana Pozzi… both linked by a tragic and cruel fate but forever immortalized in the common imaginary…

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