A shaman said: “you have watches, we have time”.
The time we know is a straightforward time: past go towards present and present towards future. From A to B. This is very useful for the calculation of bank interests that, we know, are cleared. But are’nt cleared the ones about mortgages, loans and unpaid fines.

So, the straightforward time is useful for who has to collect interests.

Otherwise Einstein said something different, he said time is curved, not straightforward, accordingly A and B can touch themeselves, and past and future as well. Consequently, pheraps there are not separated times but a unique time.

But we keep on trusting in the straightforward time because this is what they teached us. Besides, we believe many things because someone teached. Are we sure it’s always true? Doctors beleived for years that cell were isolated from the rest of the body, because it said Virchow. Today we know there is’nt a consideration more silly than this. They also said the brain is unchangeable and its cells keep on being the same all the lifelong. Now the Neuroscience Institute of Stanford University discover that some brain cells evolve even until the last day of our life. How many things they said! They said too the DNA was uncheangeable, The Cornell University studied the DNA of a couple of twins, that was identical, one went to the space and when he came back, his DNA was modified, as signal that DNA can change and the environment contribute to it.

They also let us beleive we where in the centre of the universe and outside the planet earth there was nothing.

So we keep on trusting in the straightforward time and accordingly we say “I don’t find the time”. But the time has not to be found, has to be created.

Actually to have time has to do with our freedom. And we can conquer the freedom discovering the true time is circular, where there is not a before and there is not an after and all the dimensions live in a unique time.

The entanglment of the quantistic physycs teach us that two particles, after they’ve met, can exchange informations even from very far areas of the universe.

The straightforward time seems a trick. If we could discover the real time is circular, no wars and sufferences, life would have a different meaning and humanity would be more happy.

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