FOOT BATH PEDILUVIO a Sahaja Yoga meditation

A day-to-day technique that can help us to relieve the tensions accumulated during a working or study day and is very easy to practice and quick, it’s the footbath.
As we know, our bodies are the fundamental elements that we find throughout the universe: water, earth, fire, air etc. After the realization we develop as a sixth sense, with the opening of our sahasrara chakra, located in the fountain of the fountain, we can establish a connection with the energy of Nature, which, like a regenerating shower, relies on all the concerns that are not allow us to enjoy the beauty of creation and the spontaneity of the game of life. Indeed, if we think of how much a beautiful bath to the sea, or a barefoot walk on the sand or a green meadow regenerate, it is easy to see that the beneficial effect we now have is centipede in the light of this new awareness .

We therefore invite you to experience this ancient method that our grandparents know well, following this brief guided meditation:

  • We take a common basin, like the ones we use for clothes, and we only care for meditative use.
  • Let’s get two big fists of water, a towel and a pitcher filled with water and let us meditate, always in the place we use habitually.
  • Let’s fill the basin with a bit of lukewarm water, , let’s salt, better if it comes to the ankles, and let’s get started …
  • If we go there we can also turn on stereo with classical music (Mozart and Vivaldi are perfect) or with Indian music.
  • We put both hands on our knees, with the palms facing up and stay a few moments in receptive attitude.

We may already feel some feelings on our fingers, we just testify and carry both arms down the hips, relaxed, with the toes pointing toward the ground in the direction of the basin.

We stay a few minutes in this position, you can perceive like a tingling that indicates that the water element contained in the basin and the earth element, made up of salt, are absorbing our tensions.

Now let’s go back to the starting position and hold our right hand on the belly, under the ribs, on the left and inside of us say, “Mother please give me peace” … We feel like the swirling whirl of our thoughts slowly plummet and refreshed from the water, in contact with the ocean, the waves of peace lick our Nabhi Chakra and slowly a sense of fullness and satisfaction flows from our being. If the storm is out there, we do not care, because we feel calm within us, we are aware that we are the masters of ourselves, we abandon ourselves to the new discovery, we know that what we have sought so much is not out of the reach but it is already in us, let’s enjoy it. Mother I am peace, I am satisfied.

Now we bring our right hand to the heart and repeat a few times: “Mother I am the spirit”

We perceive how to just say this phrase within us, the waves of joy immediately fill the chakra that is in charge of our feeling of happiness. At this point, we can listen to music directly with our heart as if it came into us. If, for example, we are listening to tablets (Indian percussion instruments), we see how they come into harmonious vibration with it, and let’s open to this heavenly dance, let’s base ourselves on the rhythm of life.

It is time to put his right hand behind his neck, passing with his arm for his left shoulder, touching the cervical bone. Here we have the opportunity to sweep away all our guilty feelings, our whole feeling of inadequacy or our inferiority complexes … Let’s say, “Mother, I’m not guilty of anything“, we try to pronounce it inside of us for 16 times. This chakra, the left vishuddhi, oversees our communicative capacity and the sincerity that we have with ourselves, it has 16 petals, 16 aspects that properly developed make us fully enjoy the game of existence, as a detached spectator, but also as the main actor of a cleverly orchestrated representation, where at any time it is possible to capture that fragrance and the uniqueness that this light projects on our inner diamond, revealing the magnificent rainbow of life.

We have almost reached the end of our journey, so let’s place our right hand on the forehead, in our agnya chakra , let our head fall to the hand that supports it and all of us say: “Mother, I lose everything, lose everyone and also lose myself”.

There is no need to think of anyone in particular, but let our heart be diffused from the heart of our abstinence to forgiveness, let’s repeat it for how many times we think it necessary arousal, and a sense of lightness will gently lift us beyond the clouds of our worries, our identities, our past and our future … we come to the present, which shows in all its simplicity, we feel the child which is within us to smile and become one with this innocence.
We have only to touch with the center of the palm of the right hand the fountain bone and exerting pressure on it we do massages in the clockwise direction, moving the skin.

We have come to the sahasrara chakra, the lotus of a thousand petals, with all our desire we ask, “Mother, please give me yoga, allow me to join Nature” … Let’s hold on for a few moments, firm, here on this point, this is our bridge with the infinite. Now we are connected to this infinite energy reserve, which like a waterfall falls in us and pervades us … we return with both hands on our knees and open well the palms, always facing upwards. As if we were at the window to receive the morning sunlight, so let’s welcome these vibrations, this sublime nectar that draws its grace into us, spraying all our fibers, regenerating each cell, enveloping us with serene joy and peaceful harmony.

Let’s go in this endless embrace and let us cradle the Mother of the Universe …

In this dimension the time is relative, however, when we think it appropriate, we can take our hand a few centimeters above the fountain bone and testify to the presence of a flow of fresh air which floods the center of the palm and also the head itself. We can also reverse our hands … if we are to feel heat, tingling or even nothing, do not worry, it is a sign that our kundalini energy is still purifying our chakras, and the heat indicates that there is an obstacle, a block to be removed. As you know this incredible tool we now have, it can point us to our hands and fingers what aspects of us we need to improve and what our qualities, but not only! In fact, besides having a mirror that in the light of this new awareness reflects our true essence, we can immediately intervene on our subtle body and improve ourselves the quality of our life. We look to this new objective reality, the fresh, which is the nature of Mother Kundalini will not delay to manifest itself, we rely on her, in fact she knows how to organize all the necessary work because our chakras, like flowers, are completely unlocked … we also discard this magnificent gift that is enclosed in us and at the same time we discover how immense the joy of giving.

At the end of our meditation, we reach our hands to the height of the heart and bow to our spirit, we surrender our mind to what is highest, and then we rinse our feet with the jug of clean water and pour in the water the water contained in the basin, rinse it and of course we dry our feet. If someone now has the feeling of walking suspended from the ground, do not worry, it may happen to feel a particular lightness, after releasing the tensions accumulated in the day and relaunching the energy that feeds the universe we can dive into our business , or if it is evening, directly in bed! Seriously, if we take the habit of doing the bath every night, maybe just before going to sleep, we will realize that the quality of sleep will be far better … sweet dreams.

Source: Sahaja Yoga

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